27 March 2012

Hey guys,

Wassup? I know...it seems like I'm blogging a lot but I couldn't help but feel the need to =P

Her letter to us LOL

Today, whilst at work a little love package from Japan arrived from my dear bestie, Yuka. She sent me a birthday gift which happened to arrive quite early! My birthday isn't until April lol but nevertheless I was really happy to receive it since I just felt a sudden overwhelming sickness whilst at work. Thankfully I'm able to rest at home now but I was hoping to nap but the boyfriend and his brother are busy playing FIFA12 =_=" seriously can't catch a break!

The girls playing FIFA12 zzz

But anyways, as for the gift she sent me, it was a CECIL McBEE makeup bag along with a necklace! Kyaah they're super adorable! I seriously did not expect anything from her, well I don't expect anything from anyone on my birthday so it was a really nice surprise <3 She had also asked me if I wanted any other things to be sent along so I asked her to try and find DUP Eyelash Fixer and Essential Hair Mask since I really needed to stock up on it!

DUP Eyelash Fixer EX & Essential Hair Mask

If you haven't tried these products I highly recommend them! (Or...I could just review them XD) I may have to ask my friend who's going to Japan next week to help me stock up a bit more since I have a 5,000JPY lying around my house X3

What I got..well there were more snacks but the boys ate them :(

CECIL McBEE Makeup Bag, adorable isn't it?

CECIL McBee Necklace <3
 I feel so loved and the letter that Yuka wrote to me was very touching and I seriously cannot thank her enough for her kindness and friendship that she has given to me over the course of 5 years. I hope that our friendship will only continue to grow and that the next time I see her, will be me going to Japan to watch her graduate. Thank you Yuka, I love you homie!

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