26 March 2012

Drama Addict: 해를 품 은달 『The Moon That Embraces The Sun』

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L/R: Kim Min Seo, Kim Soo Hyun, Han Ga In & Jung Il Woo

Just doing another quick drama addict's update! I should've done this one way before I left for Seoul since I was already hooked. You may have heard about this drama already "The Moon That Embraces The Sun" starring Kim SooHyun (Dream High), Han Ga In (Witch Yoo Hee), Jung Il Woo (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop) and Kim Min Seo (Sungkyunkwan Scandal).

Since it's first airing on Korean television it's been a big hit since it's viewership rating was constantly over 30% of the country, and the main cast hadn't even made an appearance yet! I guarantee you mention the name to any Korean person in Korea, they will definitely know this drama. The first six episodes are like the back story and the lead up to the actual plot, the roles are played by child actors who really have a strong sense for acting. You'd be very surprised and impressed!

It is a fictional, historical drama that is set int he Joseon period where there is a king ruling the country. It also has a supernatural kind of genre to it where there are shamans who possess the ability to foresee in the future and sense danger etc but it's not strongly based on that. There's too much to actually explain this drama in short but I will do my best.

The Great Queen Dowager has a plan to recreate the entire royal family by manipulating the people and only allowing her side of the family to become royals and so she sets forth a task onto her nephew to set things into motion; killing off distance relatives and plot their deaths as either suicide or convicted murder even witnesses.

Heo Yeon U is bestowed to become the next Crowned Princess, and King Lee Hwon's first love, after a fair selection made under the King. But before any kind of ceremony or royal wedding is to take place, Yeon U is suddenly hit with an unknown illness and chased out of the kingdom, who later dies in the arms of her father.

Eight long years have passed but Yeon U's family, Prince Yang Myun and even the now Crowned King are still mourning her passing. Interested in her sudden death, the King decides to investigate further as records and documents barely revealed any actual evidence. At the same time, a young shaman with the name Wol enters the palace as a human talisman is placed in the king's room as he sleeps to send his body into health so he is able to consummate an heir to the throne with the queen. But when the king discovers her existence and her striking resemblance to his beloved Yeon U, he becomes uneasy and his heart is confused.

Well, that's it in a nutshell without me revealing any big plot! It's a must watch if you have any time. The romance is heart aching and the directer managed to slip in some comedic bits that would make your heart happy. Totally recommend this ^^ Plus there's some decent eye candy!!

Anyway, enjoy!!

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