13 March 2012

Drama Addict: 드림하이 2 | Dream High 2

Wassup people?

Sorry, I will update about Korea soon :) But thought I should blog about this!

Just wanted to share with you guys another drama I recently became addicted to. Although, it took me a couple of episodes to get into Dream High 2 only because the character's personalities weren't too appealing and Kang Sora's ditzy character somewhat put me off. I honestly must say that I enjoyed the first series of Dream High a lot better because each and every week I seriously anticipated the episodes it was actually more focused on music and the pursuing of young students' dreams. Also to add that Suzy was the main lead actress, apart from being beautiful, Dream High really highlighted her admirable and amazing vocal range and pompous character transition was just beautiful to watch.

But anyways enough about praising number one, the lead female is none other than Leeteuk's WGM wifey, Kang Sora. She's extremely adorable and plays quite a ditzy character who dreams of becoming an idol but has no talent in singing. JB is a popular idol from the group I:DN, who selfishly strives to be best, and is Kang Sora's most cherished idol.

Story in short: The idols are forced to return to school due to an underage idol ban on broadcasting systems. Kirin Arts High School has become run down and in a financial crisis, OZ Entertainment takes advantage of this situation and sends their idols there. Excitement arouses the atmosphere as the idols make their entrance but eventually this leads to a differentiation amongst the Art students and idols, sending them into a war of higher class and lower class students. What will be the outcome?

Well, you'll have to watch and find out yourselves :P

Other cast includes;
Park Jin Young as the comical English teacher, Park Jin Man (from the first series)
2AM's Jinwoon as the rebellious Jin Yu Jin
T-ARA's Jiyeon as the princess Ri An
Amazing vocalist, Ailee as herself
SISTAR's soul and lead vocalist HyoRin

Oh and PS. there's some decent eye candy in this one ;)

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