5 February 2012

Full steam ahead .. well sort of

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of updates but I don't think I will be able to update for a while. It's been a busy week since I've been going in and out of the hospital to see my grandmother, working and organising my trip. No worries guys, she is still putting up a fight :)

But the other reason why I won't be able to update is purely because I will be flying over to Seoul, South Korea in five days! I will be staying over there with Kimu (xxshinrai) for three weeks doing God knows what. But I'm gonna go find my husband(s) :P

I'll bring back a lot of photos to show you and lets hope I'm able to get a lot of shopping done, photography and of course I'll be meeting up with a few friends for the first time or second time ^^

Anyways, in a month's time expect an update <3
Sorry for the boringness of my blog lately!

Love you and make sure to make the most of your days while I'm gone ^^

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