5 January 2012

Xmas + New Years Holiday

Hey guys, how have you all been?


Sorry for the complete lack of updates within the last month! It's been super hectic end-of-the-year holiday and I'm just going to blog about it in a big clump. So apologies that it may be extremely tedious and boring!
Just a portion of the gifts

What did everyone get up to for Xmas? And more importantly, what did you get spoilt with?! XD I ended up getting a LOT of chocolate! We spent Christmas at my nephew's place, this is all settling in with Polly's (my sister-in-law) side of the family and let me just say, her side of the family is MASSIVE. If I were estimate how many nieces and nephews alone there would be about 18 of them in total.

Some of the kids

Two nights before Xmas, I was nagging my brother and my dad about wanting a hair curling tong for Xmas...but of course I didn't expect anything because I felt it was a big ask, on Xmas day my brother ended up giving me a gift card to Hairhouse Warehouse to actually go and buy a curling tong :') He is the sweetest and my awesomest brother ever!! But sadly, I already purchased it online because I didn't expect him to get me anything :( but in the end I bought hair dye and necessities with the gift card. But I was so touched he would do that for me! Aside from my camera, it was the best present ever!

Florida & Polly

By the time the clock hit 5pm it was time for me and Bach to head to the airport and pick up Yuka! She actually arrived on Xmas evening. The drive to the airport was totally unforgettable =_=" Extreme stormy conditions that my car was sometimes gliding on the M1 towards the airport! Even on the Tullamarine Freeway we were forced to merge into one lane because trees and debris were cluttered and blocking the roads, but we made it on time of her arrival...but Yuka couldn't get out of the plane until 2 hours later due to the storm causing flight delays.

* * * * *
ゆうちゃんの訪問 ☆
(Yu-chan's visit)
Port MacDonnell, SA

Shortly after Yuka came to Melbourne we already had to pack our bags and head over to Geelong and prepare to go to Port MacDonnell in South Australia. The drive was a killer. From my area to Geelong is already 2 hours, then from Geelong to Port MacDonnell was another 5-6 hours @_@ But in the end it was all worth it! The weather was amazing in comparison to Melbourne and we thought that fishing and lobster hunting would be a great experience for Yuka. We teased her a lot about being a professional fisher because we joked that Japanese people catch fish by their bare hands haha

Yuka and Bach
It was her first time fishing and I think it went well, she ended up enjoying it as a hobby like I did! But sadly her first catch was just a tiny Tommy Ruff. But she was so cute and ecstatic about it! I was lucky enough to have caught a larger Tommy Ruff and squid! But...I don't have a picture of the fish because they ate it all LOL! Have you ever went fishing and catch yourself a fish? How awesome was it?!

Yuka's catch of the day!
The squid I caught!
My boyfriend was the one that got me into fishing and frankly, I believe that he is a better fisher but he didn't manage to catch anything whilst we were at Port MacDonnell...well, except for this.

Seaweed specialist
The rest of the time we spent there was mainly fishing and basking in the sun's rays...until all of us got sunburnt @_@ but I'm healing now and hopefully my skin is rejuvenated by early February before Korea!

The fishing pier

Water bottle Model

Straw Hat Luffy
After returning back home to Melbourne, I was just so happy to be back in my bed!! Sharing a single bunk between me and Bach was just hectic because we're both fat DX I'd rather be squished up against my wall than squished in a single bed LOL by the time we got back we had a random catch up with Dorothy (Team Nippon of 2011). It was New Years Eve and so we decided to head out to the city to check out the fireworks...but at the same time I didn't want to get caught up in the rush after 12am so we only ended up going to see the 9:30pm family fireworks and came home early to watch it on TV instead haha

Camwhoring before heading out to the city. LOL @ Yuka's face.

Team Nippon minus Bach

How we welcomed the New Year w/ Light Photography

The rest of the week consisted of catching up with friends, dinners, BBQs, and souvenir shopping! What turned out worse was the fact that the weather here wasn't being exactly the friendliest! Three consecutive days of 30+ degree days :( but nevertheless we got through everything and it was such a breeze!

Xmas tree in Crown Casino

L to R: Polly, Yuka, Sop, Bach, Henz & Cham (My brother)
Phew...I cut everything short because...there was just too much!! But I hope that everyone had an awesome and safe Xmas and New Years break! Have you written up your resolutions? I don't exactly have one but I will continue to work hard at doing the things I love the most and cherish the important people around me. I don't need goals, I just want happiness for me and everyone around me! That's all I need for an awesome year!

Take care guys! I will definitely update very soon <3

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