15 January 2012

New Years Resolution + Instagram

Hey guys, what's been happening?

I've been sick T-T I'm not exactly but all I know is I get terrible head spins, stomach pains and loss of appetite, but no worries I'm a strong girl! When I'm sick I usually have this coin remedy done to my body to make the sickness go away, the more red the marks are the more ill I am...but it's not working so I might have to get it done again.

Coin Remedy

But if you haven't noticed I've changed my URL from "xdollhouse" to "yotface". Why? Because I simply felt like I wasn't being myself by using "xdollhouse" when I'm more widely known as yotface ^^ I've also changed my blog banner! Since it's a new year, it was time for a change but I will forever cherish Julie's amazing artwork <3

But onto other small things, I've decided to think of some resolutions for the year. I'm not exactly a believer of it...because I'm so lazy and fail at soon it, but I'd like a small goal to keep me going.

My main goal is to do more photography. I own about four cameras (Nikon D5000, Nikon J1, Nikon S9100 and a Fujifilm Instax) and rarely get the chance to use them or even do photography because I don't go out enough or I'm just too busy. So I'm gonna aim to take more photos, improve and polish my skills and share them here on this blog with you guys. Plus, I've joined up on Instagram under "yotface" do follow please!

Original Image of my Banner taken with my D5000

My original motivation to photography was this guy I don't like, he apparently studies at PSC which is a renowned Photography college here in Melbourne. I wanted to study there but it was way too expensive. ($16,000 per year really burns your wallet) But regardless, his photos were just a laughing matter to me. Like seriously, all his photos had the same edit, he had a white face (despite being a dark skinned person) and there's barely any concept. They looked plain and boring, something we could all achieve without the crisp and high technology of a DSLR and with a hint of photoshop. But anyways, I shall do my best to use my cameras more to its full potential!

My second main goal is to write more and complete another fiction of mine. Not as in blogging but with my fiction writing. But of course I will manage to squeeze in blogging whilst I can...since the boyfriend always hogs my desk (even right now he's playing skyrim) :( I don't have much to blog about but I guess I can do with circle lens reviews and talk of my travels in future!

Well, that would be all for the time being :) Below are some images from my Instagram.
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and I shall be back shortly ^^

Fringe vs No Fringe

Me & Yuka heading to SA

Dopey Florida

Geo Bambi Lens in Brown

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