25 January 2012

Instagram #2

Hey guys, what's up?

Sorry this will be a quick post of my Instagram. There's a bit of something going on around my family and I just wasn't in the mood to be blogging.

I'll explain everything once it's clear and if I can emotionally handle it. Meanwhile, please enjoy my iPhone photography. Will update with captions soon since I'm using my iPhone for this entry.

Thanks for understanding and see you guys later!

My Suitcases for Seoul
Dinner at Hodori Korean Garden w/ Sophy
A gift for Kazuki-kun
My brother made this muffler tip at work LOL
Chan, Jaiden and Serena @ Monash Hospital
Patterson's Lake Sunset
Yeah, I don't have enough eyelashes..
My natural hair waves
My baby Kikwang!
My Haul from Adam Beauty
New infatuation, Micky Yoochun
I miss Japan, Kobe Port
Cutie Nephew Jaiden <3
My and my grandma <3

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