28 January 2012

Dedication to my Grandma

Hai guise!

Aigoo~ there's still things going around the family. In spite of the chaos, my mood has been lifted but at the same time I'm dreading the worst.

But in brief I'll let you know that my Grandma's fallen very ill and is in the hospital since the 24th, Tuesday morning. By the time we arrived, the doctors and nurses were telling us that she may not make it unless her body responds to the antibiotics. Her heart and kidneys were severely infected and they told us it was too late to do anything except wait.

Hearing that kind of news, depression was creeping up on me. But it's been four days now and she's still putting up a fight :) I'm just praying that when she leaves, it would be a peaceful one, for her of course. It hurts to still see her in pain but at the same time I'm glad she's still here.

She's lived an amazing life and I'm extremely thankful towards her. Words really cannot express my gratitude. But I guess I can explain :) It may be a boring story but who knows, it might be touching.

My mother's biological parents passed away and my Grandma was the one who adopted her and even sponsored my parents to come and live in Australia during the Pol Pot reign and Khmer Rouge. Even though my mother is not her biological daughter, she treated her the same as if my mother were her real daughter. Even us, as her grandchildren, she loved us and took care of us even while my parents were away at work.

Her last words audible words to my brother and me were something like this:
"I know after this I won't make it, this will be the last time I have with you. I loved you like you were my own grandchildren. Watching you grow up together was beautiful and I'm happy to have witnessed a beautiful relationship between brother and sister. Don't ever forget, even if you quarrel, no matter how much the other person is wrong, learn to forgive each other because you only have the two of you. Thank you for being my grandchildren"

For the first time in 21 years, I witnessed my brother crying. We were so scared and sad of losing her that very moment. Growing up, even being able to live with her during my childhood, with such an amazing woman in my life, I can never forget her kindness and it's forever etched in my heart. I have so many things to be grateful towards her.

Why...she even managed to mention Bach, my boyfriend. It was so cute, and when Bach finally went to visit her later than night, her voice was surprised and full of energy like she never expected him to come and visit.

As for now, I'm going to remain in a positive light and hope for the best in wanting some more precious time with her.

I know this may have been a boring post but my grandma means the world to me. She's my hero along with my mum. Regardless if she was my real grandma or not, I love her and respect her. A woman with a heart as big as her's can never be forgotten.

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