15 January 2012

Camera+ Addict Edition

Hey guys, how you been?

Promise this will be the third and LAST post of today and this weekend!

Well, I'm still alive and kicking XD and guess what? My time to go to Korea is drawing nearer and I'm so freaking excited!! Yeah, so excited that I've started packing...and I've still got about three weeks to go LOL I remember when I was excited for Japan back in 2006 that I literally packed for Japan 9 months early hahaha

Patterson's Lake, VIC

Well anyway, I'm going to seem like...very vain but I've been addicted to selca-ing using an iPhone app called "Camera+" if you haven't tried it, I actually recommend it! I used to love 푸딩 카메라 (Pudding Camera), but Camera+ has swooned me and I use it all the time! In the app store it costs 99c, its a small price to pay but I can be sure that you won't regret ^^

The other great thing about this app is the fact that you can import your other images you have stored on your iPhone and editing within the app itself! It has many filters and lighting options to help you tweak the image the way you like it!

Anyway, here's just a bunch of pictures I've taken and edited using Camera+ Enjoy!
Sorry I don't remember which filters and lightings I actually picked -.-"

Yuka @ Part MacDonnell
Port MacDonnell, SA
Whilst Yuka was here to camwhore with me <3

Takoyaki, Karaage & Ebimayo
Cutie Florida
And...here's me selca-ing and playing with filters.

All the above images were taken with my iPhone and Bach's =P

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