28 January 2012

Dedication to my Grandma

Hai guise!

Aigoo~ there's still things going around the family. In spite of the chaos, my mood has been lifted but at the same time I'm dreading the worst.

But in brief I'll let you know that my Grandma's fallen very ill and is in the hospital since the 24th, Tuesday morning. By the time we arrived, the doctors and nurses were telling us that she may not make it unless her body responds to the antibiotics. Her heart and kidneys were severely infected and they told us it was too late to do anything except wait.

Hearing that kind of news, depression was creeping up on me. But it's been four days now and she's still putting up a fight :) I'm just praying that when she leaves, it would be a peaceful one, for her of course. It hurts to still see her in pain but at the same time I'm glad she's still here.

She's lived an amazing life and I'm extremely thankful towards her. Words really cannot express my gratitude. But I guess I can explain :) It may be a boring story but who knows, it might be touching.

My mother's biological parents passed away and my Grandma was the one who adopted her and even sponsored my parents to come and live in Australia during the Pol Pot reign and Khmer Rouge. Even though my mother is not her biological daughter, she treated her the same as if my mother were her real daughter. Even us, as her grandchildren, she loved us and took care of us even while my parents were away at work.

Her last words audible words to my brother and me were something like this:
"I know after this I won't make it, this will be the last time I have with you. I loved you like you were my own grandchildren. Watching you grow up together was beautiful and I'm happy to have witnessed a beautiful relationship between brother and sister. Don't ever forget, even if you quarrel, no matter how much the other person is wrong, learn to forgive each other because you only have the two of you. Thank you for being my grandchildren"

For the first time in 21 years, I witnessed my brother crying. We were so scared and sad of losing her that very moment. Growing up, even being able to live with her during my childhood, with such an amazing woman in my life, I can never forget her kindness and it's forever etched in my heart. I have so many things to be grateful towards her.

Why...she even managed to mention Bach, my boyfriend. It was so cute, and when Bach finally went to visit her later than night, her voice was surprised and full of energy like she never expected him to come and visit.

As for now, I'm going to remain in a positive light and hope for the best in wanting some more precious time with her.

I know this may have been a boring post but my grandma means the world to me. She's my hero along with my mum. Regardless if she was my real grandma or not, I love her and respect her. A woman with a heart as big as her's can never be forgotten.

25 January 2012

Instagram #2

Hey guys, what's up?

Sorry this will be a quick post of my Instagram. There's a bit of something going on around my family and I just wasn't in the mood to be blogging.

I'll explain everything once it's clear and if I can emotionally handle it. Meanwhile, please enjoy my iPhone photography. Will update with captions soon since I'm using my iPhone for this entry.

Thanks for understanding and see you guys later!

My Suitcases for Seoul
Dinner at Hodori Korean Garden w/ Sophy
A gift for Kazuki-kun
My brother made this muffler tip at work LOL
Chan, Jaiden and Serena @ Monash Hospital
Patterson's Lake Sunset
Yeah, I don't have enough eyelashes..
My natural hair waves
My baby Kikwang!
My Haul from Adam Beauty
New infatuation, Micky Yoochun
I miss Japan, Kobe Port
Cutie Nephew Jaiden <3
My and my grandma <3

15 January 2012

Camera+ Addict Edition

Hey guys, how you been?

Promise this will be the third and LAST post of today and this weekend!

Well, I'm still alive and kicking XD and guess what? My time to go to Korea is drawing nearer and I'm so freaking excited!! Yeah, so excited that I've started packing...and I've still got about three weeks to go LOL I remember when I was excited for Japan back in 2006 that I literally packed for Japan 9 months early hahaha

Patterson's Lake, VIC

Well anyway, I'm going to seem like...very vain but I've been addicted to selca-ing using an iPhone app called "Camera+" if you haven't tried it, I actually recommend it! I used to love 푸딩 카메라 (Pudding Camera), but Camera+ has swooned me and I use it all the time! In the app store it costs 99c, its a small price to pay but I can be sure that you won't regret ^^

The other great thing about this app is the fact that you can import your other images you have stored on your iPhone and editing within the app itself! It has many filters and lighting options to help you tweak the image the way you like it!

Anyway, here's just a bunch of pictures I've taken and edited using Camera+ Enjoy!
Sorry I don't remember which filters and lightings I actually picked -.-"

Introducing my new baby: The Nikon J1

Hey everyone!

Guess who got spoilt last Christmas? XD ME!! ...well, I wouldn't exactly blog about anyone else aside from myself and those random spazz about Kikwang..teehee

Sorry this post is long overdue...I just haven't been taking satisfying images to post up. But you will see me progress with it later on!

D5000 x J1

Anyways, I recently purchased a brand spanking new Nikon J1! Well, actually I have my boyfriend to thank for that. He pitched in to buy it for me as a Christmas gift, despite me buying it on his birthday LOL >~< he spoils me too much!

New Years Resolution + Instagram

Hey guys, what's been happening?

I've been sick T-T I'm not exactly but all I know is I get terrible head spins, stomach pains and loss of appetite, but no worries I'm a strong girl! When I'm sick I usually have this coin remedy done to my body to make the sickness go away, the more red the marks are the more ill I am...but it's not working so I might have to get it done again.

Coin Remedy

But if you haven't noticed I've changed my URL from "xdollhouse" to "yotface". Why? Because I simply felt like I wasn't being myself by using "xdollhouse" when I'm more widely known as yotface ^^ I've also changed my blog banner! Since it's a new year, it was time for a change but I will forever cherish Julie's amazing artwork <3

But onto other small things, I've decided to think of some resolutions for the year. I'm not exactly a believer of it...because I'm so lazy and fail at soon it, but I'd like a small goal to keep me going.

5 January 2012

Xmas + New Years Holiday

Hey guys, how have you all been?


Sorry for the complete lack of updates within the last month! It's been super hectic end-of-the-year holiday and I'm just going to blog about it in a big clump. So apologies that it may be extremely tedious and boring!
Just a portion of the gifts

What did everyone get up to for Xmas? And more importantly, what did you get spoilt with?! XD I ended up getting a LOT of chocolate! We spent Christmas at my nephew's place, this is all settling in with Polly's (my sister-in-law) side of the family and let me just say, her side of the family is MASSIVE. If I were estimate how many nieces and nephews alone there would be about 18 of them in total.

Some of the kids