27 December 2012

Review: Kiss Lash Glamorous Volume

Hey guys,

The product I'm reviewing and Japanese Brand Mascara: Kiss Lash Glamorous 01 Volume

This is my first time...like ever reviewing a beauty product. Don't judge me, I won't be good at it but I guess I like it so much that I want to tell you about it!

I honestly didn't know what to expect from a brand that I've never tried. I almost opted to buy more DollyWink mascara since I adored it but something compelled me to try Kiss. I stood there in Loft trying to decide whether I wanted the "Long" or "Volume" effect. I was in such a dilemma to buy both and I wish I did DX but as you can tell I bought this in volume and boy was I in a shock! From memory I think it was only like 935JPY ($12AUD). Cheaper than DollyWink!

The mascara wand is slightly curved with bristle brushes for better precision, curls and application on each lash. The lash formula is not dry at all and for some reason I love that with mascaras. I found that my DollyWink Volume mascara was a lot drier in formula. You see immediate results upon first application as well!

Left w/ and right w/o mascara/
I naturally have long lashes, well that's what I'm told. But how amazing are the results from a volume mascara? My lashes look a significantly thicker and it even added extra length to my natural lashes! Below are some more pictures for your eyes to feast on.

 You can even notice the effects of the mascara from a distance, which is something I definitely like without the need of false lashes. I honestly don't know if this product is waterproof. I fail to read Japanese and didn't bother asking Yuka to confirm.

Possibly the only negative thing I have to comment about this product is the fact that it is a bit troublesome to remove after a night out. Which is both good and bad. It doesn't smudge easily even if you rub it between your thumb and index finger. If it isn't applied evenly your lashes can clump up so make sure to separate them well.

Easy application (formula and brush)
Fast results
Adds both length and volume

Hard to remove
Not widely available online

I would definitely re-purchase this mascara again if I have the chance and I recommend that you try it!
All images were untouched/unedited and taken by my Samsung Galaxy Note II.

16 December 2012

Yurika's 3-Day Visit

I feel like I've been neglecting my blog but then again, nothing interesting ever happens in my life plus it's nothing that seems to entertain the readers at all. But in the last three days my friend Yurika, who is from Japan, recently came to visit me in Melbourne!
Zoo's butterfly house
It was her first time traveling to Australia and it made me über happy because the sole reason she came to Australia was because of us. She had the opportunity to come and study in Brisbane for two months before coming to visit us in Melbourne. When I went to visit Japan last October we missed the chance to see her since our travel times collided but I'm so happy she took the time to visit!
Sumatran Tigers, gorgeous!!
Yurika and the giant tortoise
We picked her up from the airport on Monday morning and since she was only spending three days here we decided to head straight to the Melbourne Zoo to spend the day. I was hoping to let her relax a bit but the Melbourne Zoo is pretty much a trail you have to walk. I haven't visited the zoo probably in about 6 years so when I spotted the animals I was super fascinated and had a load of fun. I think we spent the most time in the butterfly house trying to tempt the butterflies to land on us. We spent about 4 hours wandering around before deciding to head home to rest before we took her to grab dinner at Hog's Breath.
The next day we took her out to Chadstone Shopping Centre and walked about, we took her to the Lindt store and bought some cookies and creams macarons. They were delish! We walked around some more to allow her to explore a pinch of shopping in Melbourne. Honestly, overseas is so much better and cheaper. But that's just my opinion since I love Asia so much.
Cookies & Cream Macaron cr: arty amanda's antics blog
Later that night we returned home and met up with our group of friends to head off to Glen Waverley to eat at RaRamen to celebrate Bach's 23rd birthday! We pretty much just ordered, ate...ordered some more...and ate. I think it was hilarious when I told Yurika that Bach's brother, Bao, was hitting on her. So every time he asked her a question she would shyly shake her head...quite furiously too LOL but it was all in good humour.

The next day it was a 34 degree day DX I can honestly say there was nothing that I wanted to do in such heat. I was thinking of going to the beach to chill but Yurika mentioned that she already sent her swimwear back home LOL but then Bach made the suggestion to go to Phillip Island. I was happy because well, it was my first time there...EVER!
Giant Yurika and puny me in the same room!
We dropped by a museum called A Maze'N Things. Seriously, it was pretty awesome LOL it's a place that's full of puzzle, optical illusions and great fun. Kids would love it, hence me teehee. Bach is a lover of such brainteaser puzzles so he pretty much loved everything.
Our next destination was the Koala Conservation but unfortunately that was closed due to being overbooked. I was sad, I wanted to get close up to a Koala :( but we decide to head up to Rhyll Trout & Bush Tucker Farm. We tried our luck in their outdoor lake but it got too hot so we ran back to their indoor pool where we would most likely catch a trout. We hired two rods but only allowed Yurika to fish to let her experience the thrill of catching a fish. She almost gave up after 10 minutes LOLL but encouraged her to continue and look at how big it was!!
Caught her first trout weighing about 850g
And voila we ate it!
All in all, it was an amazing visit and I hope that she liked it. As our last day drew near, we sat outside and just talked. It was just real nice and being able to speak normal English with her was a plus. You'd be surprised at how fluent she was before coming to Australia. I hope we get to see each other often in both Australia and Japan :)
Illusion of flying
Although I'm a Melbournian, I don't go out much and I'm a terrible guide in my own city but ironically I travel often to South Korea and Japan and I seem to know more touristy places there. I hope that in the near future Yurika returns back to Melbourne with Yuka and that they decide to spend a longer time here that way we can all do more :)

15 December 2012

Happy 23rd birthday Sally

To my wonderful sister and best friend, Sally M.

It kinda of saddens me to think that if you were still healthy and on this earth, you would be at the prime age of 23. Words really cannot express how much I miss you more and more each day. I really can't believe that it's just been a bit over 4 years since you left us. The thought of it draws really strong emotions and all I can really say is that I really love you and wish you were still here. But of course, in reality, you're in a better place where you're no longer suffering and avidly watching over me.

Throughout all the years of our friendship, I wish I could have appreciated you a whole lot more and that is my biggest regret. But I have and always will love you unconditionally, no homo :)

So much has happened in the past four years and there were times I had no one to turn to. I would cry and only think of you. I wonder how things would be if you were still here. Would we make our dreams come true and fly to Korea to find our hubbies? I would make sure that you would still be into Kpop haha and I especially remember the nights where we'd stay up, chat and write fictional stories until 3am.

Those were the most golden memories aside from you always being there for me, even at my worst.

No more tear jerking stuff.

I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and remind you how much I'll always miss and love you. You were the most beautiful and valuable person in my life. Inspiring and giving me my passion to write fiction. It really makes me sad that I can't see you anymore but I'm always thinking of you.

Thank you for everything you've done for me.

Love you always and one day, hopefully we end up in the same place and meet again where our memories will be endless.

14 December 2012

Civant Skincare: Meladerm

Hello guys,

If you've been following my tweets, recently I decided to try out Civant's Meladerm to treat my freckles/pigmentation. It took me a few weeks to decide to try this as I've been reading mixed reviews on this product. Some say it works and some say that it was a waste of money. I went to my local Priceline to have a look at other products like Dr. Lewinn's Even Tone Lightening Cream, but I could barely find any reviews and if I did, they said it didn't work on pigmentation and recommended laser. Not really the option I was looking for since I didn't want to spend thousands to have them removed...I honestly would rather buy an air ticket to travel again LOL

I have suffered from pigmentation for as long as I can remember on both my cheeks and nose. I used to have two large patches on my nose in which I had one successfully removed back in high school. The one on the bridge of my nose was very stubborn, even having attempted to removed it a second time it's still there plain as day and quite visible through my pictures, even with makeup.

Since returning from my recent travels I made the mistake of NOT investing in any sunblock facial moisturisers. So when I took a look in the mirror and front-camera of my NOTE II, I was horrified. My spots have gotten darker and I had a lot more than I used to!

No foundation application
With makeup and still faintly visible.

The images above are the most recent ones of myself and my visible pigmentation before I started using Meladerm two days ago. It's light on my skin and after about 10 minutes you can apply your regular skincare routine.

What convinced me to make the purchase was the fact that Civant Skincare's Facebook page has over 13,000 likes. That told me that it may be worth a try and of course they're confident that it works if they offer a 30 day money back guarantee and results should be visible at around two weeks but full results are expected at 2-3 months of continuous use.

I will try and use this cream religiously and if there's any awesome results, I shall report back! I will record this process with my NOTE II camera since it's the only camera I keep strapped to myself 24/7 :) 

Let's hope for the best!

8 December 2012

I'm a spoilt brat: MCM

Lately, I find myself searching the MCM store. I'm not a particular fan of expensive handbags and the most you would have seen me spend on one is probably $130 (well, I did buy my J.ESTINA purse for $172 and that killed me). But recently, due to seeing EXO-M's Luhan sporting an MCM backpack, I thought to myself...FML it's so pretty, I want!

cr: the owner

While I was in Korea, back in February this year, I didn't even dare to enter an MCM store. As a matter of fact, most stores in Lotte Department store made me cringe. Yes, because I am an über cheap Asian raised only spend on what I need. So during the period of April through to October, I just found myself delving more into the MCM backpack and was determined to get myself one since I was to visit again.

I tried to get more information on it, searched eBay etc and I remember when my eyes landed on the price. It was selling for almost $720AUD. I thought WTF life is over, never buying it. I expected it to be expensive but not THAT pricey.

MCM store in Gangnam. cr: MCM Blog

Went to Korea again in October and I still didn't bother entering an MCM store. I was too chicken =__=" so I didn't end up buying it. I even had a last chance to buy it at Incheon Airport...and why do these high-end brand stores make me scared to enter them? As I boarded the plane to Japan, I failed my mission in getting my backpack. I felt so much regret that eventually Bach offered to buy it for me, given that it was a reasonable price. It was perfect timing as my anniversary/Christmas gift. (PS. I love my boyfriend)

I contacted my friend Yunji through Katalk and asked her about it, from there she linked me the Official Korean MCM site and praise the lord, I could see that the bags were decently priced from what I originally thought!! She offered to help buy it for me since it was hard to find any sites that sold it and even if they did we'd be worried if the bag wasn't legit.

The website and other bag I had my eye on!

It took a lot of debating and dilemma while choosing a bag. I was determined to get a backpack but Bach said it would be more versatile to get a shoulder bag or even a purse. I cringed because that would mean that I want both. After thoroughly thinking, I decided to keep my head straight and buy the backpack.

So after about a month since returning, Yunji sent me my bag and voila! Feast your eyes on my beautiful baby!!
Bach and me are her A-pop friends LOLL *Australian Pop*

It's gorgeous isn't it? This is the Medium Stark Backpack (미디옴 스타크 백팩) which retails for 555,000KRW (approx. $510AUD). I made sure to send a bit extra to Yunji to cover the shipping costs. I can't wait to save up and purchase another MCM bag!

I found it hilarious how Yunji sent it to me. It was in a huge box, I opened it to see the MCM signature shopping bag thinking "Ooo its in the bag" pulled it out...there was ANOTHER bag. I was like WHUT she sent me the shopping bag?! LOL

I have no idea when I'll be able to use it but I will cherish it forever!

6 December 2012

In the blink of an eye.

2012 has come by so fast. I sat there staring at my calendar realising that it was indeed December 4. I was shocked because in four months time, I would be celebrating my 23rd birthday. That fast huh? I remember when while I was waiting to go on my holiday I would complain at how slow this year was going by :(

As usual, this year, I don't think I have even achieved much but I realise that I've blogged a whole lot more. But what I did manage this year was to travel overseas, twice. Since working, I've tried to make it a goal to travel overseas at least once a year. I'm not certain what 2013 holds for me...but lets hope that the world doesn't end because you know, I still want to start a family and accomplish some of the smaller goals I have in life.

Hopefully it's time for a change. I really want a new job but then again I love how my job is fairly close to home, I get a decent rate and flexibility with my hours. Just, I'm not happy with the way things have turned out at work since my loveable bear-like boss has left the company. I miss him, we all miss him.

I still have a few things to look forward to in the near future. My dear friend Yurika, whom I met in Japan last February, will be visiting Melbourne next week! She's never had an interest in traveling overseas until she met us! So I'm excited to see her again since I missed her while I was in Japan.

My close friends Sop and Henz are FINALLY getting engaged next month!! Aside from my brother and Polly's engagement, this will be the first friend's engagement I would have gone to! Makes me happy to know that there will be a wedding to look forward to =P

My sister-in-law is due to give birth in March of next year! I cannot wait to meet my future niece and teach her how to be badass awesome like me haha jokesss but I seriously cannot wait to watch her grow!

Although it's not much, it's the little things in life that make you want to continue to look forward :) I'll probably be working most of this Christmas holidays but I still hope to be able to spend some quality time with the ones I love.

Make sure you enjoy the rest of 2012 to the fullest, even if you don't you still have all of 2013 to attempt to make your goals and dreams a reality <3

26 November 2012

REVIEW: GEO Princess Mimi Starmish Brown

Hey guys,

What up? Feels like I'm on a roll with GEO lens reviews and I think I've found my new favourite brown lenses! I got mine from PinkyParadise but I'm sure it's available through other GEO lens distributors. I actually didn't know prior to purchasing these lenses but they are part of the Princess Mimi series as well.

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.7mm
Type: 1 Year Disposal

Comfort: 5/5 ★★★★★
GEO Lenses never disappoint in comfort for me.

Colour: 5/5 ★★★★★
I honestly didn't expect these lenses to actually look as good as they do on the model. They are seriously love. They are noticeable and quite vibrant from a distance. I just really love that golden glow they have!

Enlargement: 5/5 ★★★★★
These lenses do enlarge but I didn't seem to notice it significantly. They seemed to give me a natural look despite it being 14.5mm. It has a thin black outer ring but it isn't too noticeable either.

Overall: 5/5 ★★★★★
You already know, I love these lenses. I would definitely recommend you to try these. What I really liked is that the brown looks quite golden and helps make your eyes look more vibrant and pop!

With flash
Taken with Samsung Galaxy Note II front camera,

All images taken with Nikon 1 J1. All with window lighting.