18 December 2011

My hectic three weeks!

Hey guys, what's up?

Sorry for the lack of updates and blogging. The last three weeks have been hectic and I've just been overly exhausted...when I try to blog I am seriously about to fall asleep! Not to mention I just think that everything I write is plain out boring!

Anyways, I'll try and explain everything in a nutshell of what's been going on in my life!

December 3
My friend Vanna got married...I would have gone with Bach but he ended up ditching me to go to Stereosonic since he isn't well acquainted with Vanna. I was on the table with my mum and her friends whilst the girls filled up another table. I was stupid enough accidentally delete all my images on my camera =_=" Sophary looked so beautiful in her yellow bridesmaid dress!!
It was an all right night, I was super exhausted and feeling sick. By the time I got home I pulled an all-nighter watching "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" LOL totally died the next day!

My cousin and me @ Vanna's wedding
December 9
Bach ended up buying a whole lamb to cook in celebration of his 22nd birthday. It was a small get together with his brothers, my family and friends. My mum ended up giving him $200 as birthday money and my dad gave him $100. I was like wtf he got double of my birthday money!! LOL my mum loves him more than me :( He got drunk =_=" so again, I ended up lacking in some sleep and got angry at him, then again which girlfriend wouldn't get annoyed?

December 10
The very next day, I heard news of Polly's sister-in-law giving birth to their very first baby boy! They were at the party as well and ironically we were talking about babies and birth etc So congratulations to them! They ended up naming him Knight. Not sure why...but I can't wait to see that little rascal grow up.

Baby Knight
December 11
It was Bach's real birthday on the 11th! For lunch, I took him to Ajisen Ramen in the Glen because I was craving their Ebi Mayo and ramen! Instead of the tradition of me buying him a gift, he told me he would spend some money on me. I was shocked that even I couldn't decide what I wanted...in the end he told me to buy the Nikon J1...and so I did LOL later that night we went out to have some Korean BBQ with his ex-workmates! So yum!!

Ebi Mayo @ Ajisen

Tori Kaarage @ Ajisen

December 16
I got out of work early and was just looking forward to resting the rest of the night and kick back watching my drama. I went out to Glenny with Polly and Bach to have hotpot to celebrate Tony's 24th birthday and just see the rest of her family. We had another party to head out to but I got exhausted and went home. I was JUST about to sleep when my brother calls me up asking me to pick him up all the way in the city because he was drunk from his workplace xmas party @_@ So...being the good sister, I picked up Bach and headed up to the city to try and find my brother. I was already about 10-15 minutes away from the city when the police called and told me that my brother was caught and locked up, so I tried to hurry to get him...by the time I got there, they told me to come back in 4 hours to pick him up. So pretty much, I drove to the city at 1am for NOTHING. I got home at about 3-4am and conked out until 1pm the next day. I WAS SO DEADDDDD!!

Anyways...that was at least three weeks worth of happenings over the weekends. During the week at work is a completely different story. Anyways, I'll be blogging about my new baby camera soon since a few people have been asking about it!


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