15 January 2012

Introducing my new baby: The Nikon J1

Hey everyone!

Guess who got spoilt last Christmas? XD ME!! ...well, I wouldn't exactly blog about anyone else aside from myself and those random spazz about Kikwang..teehee

Sorry this post is long overdue...I just haven't been taking satisfying images to post up. But you will see me progress with it later on!

D5000 x J1

Anyways, I recently purchased a brand spanking new Nikon J1! Well, actually I have my boyfriend to thank for that. He pitched in to buy it for me as a Christmas gift, despite me buying it on his birthday LOL >~< he spoils me too much!

The Nikon 1 range is the new mini mirror-less DSLR series by Nikon. Or formally known as an interchangeable lens camera. Now, I'm no camera expert but I do love my cameras and technology. I own a Nikon D5000, a Nikon D7000 (which belongs to the boyfriend) along with a Nikon S9100 (which is my compact camera I took to Sydney). You probably think I'm a Nikon freak right? The only reason I choose Nikon is because I just prefer it and since I already have Nikon equipment, it saves me a fortune having to buy an entire new set of lenses, flashes etc.

When I first received an email about the Nikon 1 range, I was actually ecstatic because it was actually small and compact. Many others were disappointed and hoping for a more professional bigger DSLR to compete with the other brands. I didn't care, it looks super cutes!! Don't you think?

Nikon J1

To be honest, I was skeptical about buying this because it was only released two months ago with little information on it. The fact that it was mirror-less, the mirror in general DSLRs is what makes the image quality beautiful and crisp, hence "digital single-lens reflex". So pretty much compact, lens inter-changeable cameras are qualified as a DSLR but at the same time they're not.
But, being a girl, the camera body along with the colour range and the usual DSLR functions sold me! I prefer to use my DSLR in Manual mode to get the pictures the way I want it, when I found out the J1 had this function I was even more happy and when I found out that it had an F-mount adapter to attach any Nikon compatible lenses, I was completely SOLD.

Now, what do I seriously think about the J1?

Despite me being in love with the look, shape and size of J1. I would have to say I'm a little disappointed that the picture quality still isn't up to par with a mirrored DSLR. Don't get me wrong, the camera works in the same way as an actual DSLR. It has a fast AF sensor and does bokeh shots well. But despite this, when I look at the pictures, they look great on my J1 screen but when I display it on my Mac it reminds me of a very HQ iPhone picture. But if you really aren't too fussed and not a quality freak then all is well.

Video quality is great and it should be about 720p or 1080p and it helps a lot since it's got a continuous auto-focus while recording.

The camera also has the option of taking pictures in JPEG or RAW which is great for someone like me who enjoys tweaking the colours and lights of the image. It's an option I use especially when I take images at parties.

I will definitely be carrying this camera when I head to Seoul in February. So, hopefully this camera doesn't let me down when I need to take awesome pictures.

Anyways, enough with the camera talk. I'll let the images do all the talking!

Random area of dirt. Not too shabby!

Testing out its focal range.

My Pandora Bracelet closeup w/ little bokeh

Immediate focus on the bottle cap.

Capturing Waterdrops

Colour isn't too impressive and a little bland :(

For those who don't understand about RAW files, here is an example below with my D5000 and Bach's D7000. I hope you can notice the difference in lighting change. I haven't gotten around to playing with the J1's RAW setting yet, but will do soon ^^

Taken by the D5000 + SB700 flash

Taken by the D7000 + SB900 Flash

* * *
I purchased this camera online from www.dwidigitalcameras.com.au It's now the only place I would buy my camera accessories unless I can find it cheaper on eBay! DWIdigitalcamera's is generally cheaper, brand new in the box and sent to you via FedEx or any express mail according to where you reside! So get on it if you want or need a new camera!
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  1. Love the review doll! I really was interested in getting the J1 for filming my YouTube videos since my d3100 has horrible sounds when it focuses... It's still a huge maybe but keep updating with how you like the cam!