3 December 2011

I love receiving parcels!

Hey guys, what's up?

Nothing much has been going on in my end except I've been receiving my mail!! YAYAYAYAY I love getting mail and parcels, do you? ^__^

I just thought, since my items arrived I would blog about it. My black high-waisted River Island jeans arrived on Sunday and once I put them on, I fell in love!! Even my sister-in-law loved them and wanted a pair!! I will definitely buy another pair of River Island jeans ^_^ Oh! And I am able to link you them now since I found them on the actual River Island site hehe

Black high waisted skinny jeans
By the way, Happy December everyone!! It's 22 days left until Christmas, how will you guys celebrate it? Unfortunately, in Australia it's summer D: so we never have a white christmas :( but I guess how we celebrate it, doesn't matter, just as long as you're with your loved ones. I'm proud to announce that Yuka will be flying down from Brisbane on Christmas day and staying until New Years. Nyahhh so happy!! I miss her so much so I really can't wait to see her!

As the new year draws closer to an end, my trip to South Korea with my bubbu, Kimu is too!! I'm super excited but at the same time my hearts breaking because I just want to return to Japan :( It's my first time in Korea so, hopefully it is very worthwhile and since I have great company, of course it will be ^^

Anyway I'm running out of things to talk about so I'm just gonna post some pictures of my items lol .. if I talk about Japan too much I might end up crying ㅠㅠ I'm begging the boyfriend to go back next year in October, so fingers crossed!!

Wearing the poncho, and yes that's my room filled with One Piece puzzles
My new bag!
Front view 
Back view 
Camera shy, coz I'm not wearing makeup :(

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