16 November 2011

Sydney & Kpop Music Festival

Hey guys, what up yo?

Did anyone head down to Sydney last weekend for the Sydney Kpop Music Festival?

Jenii, Kimu, me & Sophy

Just so you kiddies know, the concert took place to celebrate the 50th year of diplomatic ties between Australia and South Korea. The concert was the first of it's kind with 12 big idol groups in Korea who came down under to deliver a spectacular performance!
These events rarely ever happen in Australia, the last Kpop concert ever held in Sydney was by SM Entertainment back in the days where Shinhwa was a part of SM Ent.

Thousands flocked to Sydney for this grand weekend, including myself and many of my Melbournian Kpop friends! So many fans from all over went all out just to see their favorite idols.  All the performances were amazing but the only problem I had was the bunch of idiots standing in front of me in VIP SEATING. Farkkk!! If I wanted VIP standing I would have purchased that instead of seating, I was really disappointed coz of everyone else ruining this first concert experience for me.

But I did take awesome photos and get some decent views of miss A, Girls' Generation, KARA, 4minute, 2AM, SISTAR's HyoRin and B2ST's DongWoon. I was just sad that Kikwang was hard to see and didn't come close to my area.

Oh wells, I hope that B2ST come back, the crowd went wild when they performed...I guess they're popularity has grown wide in Australia! I would definitely go to a B2ST concert and go all out for that :D

Anyways, enough gibberish talk and my reporter tone. Enjoy the images below :)

All taken by yours truly, Saera

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