26 November 2011

Shopperholic: Recent Purchases

Hey there ;)

I know, I just posted...and you're wondering why the heck am I posting again despite no one ever reading my blog. Well, it's because I haven't been blogging lately due to the boyfriend hogging my desk space for his studies. 

I was extremely tempted to purchase a MacBook Pro because of his hogging habits and thought of it's convenience when I was gonna head over to South Korea next February. Then again, I didn't want to have to fork out another $1500 for it. *HURTING + BURNS HOLE IN WALLET AND BANK ACCOUNT* So, I shall refrain and splurge on the more cuter things in life.

So, I've been in a shopper mood lately and I'll just share with you what I've purchased recently over the week.

It was my anniversary and because I didn't get to do much shopping when we went out, the boyfriend allowed me to make a purchase online on anything I wanted and...so I settled on these pair of black skinny high-waisted jeans that I was in total need of...since I only have blue jeans. But I can't wait to try these!!

-Unfortunately, I don't have an image or link to these jeans, seems they're no longer available on ASOS. /majorsadface-

I've been searching for a cape/poncho-like jacket. Ever since SeoHyun bought one on We Got Married, I've been obsessed with finding one, and after a long time + a lot of days...I've narrowed it down to this gorgeous one at: 마크막스 [MakMaks]
레트로망토 코트 | Retro Mangto Coat
Click on the image for a more detailed view.

I recently noticed that my little sling bag from Honeys was shedding and flaking so I thought it was time for a new bag. I searched, even went onto the Honeys website in hopes getting a replacement. Sadly the one I wanted ended up being sold out so I resorted to Gmarket and found a cute one at: 킴스샵11 [Kim's Shop 11]

M219 - Tan Colour
Click on the image for a more detailed view.

Upon looking for a new bag I ended up stumbling on their clothing range. I love Honeys Japan because it was the only store I could actually shop in due to my chubbiness and their variety of sizes ranging from Size S-L, not to mention that they are CHEAP. Like, their prices is what I would spend here in Ausralia!
 Most shops in Japan are "One size fits all" and their pricing's are at least 4,000JPY+ and sizings never go above size M. Hurts my ego about being a voluptuous woman LOL but anyways. I found this cute pair of shorts and thought, I must have it. I assume it was also featured in a Popteen Magazine because of the watermark. But I love the fact that it's got lace on the bottom hem of the shorts, I like it because it's high-waisted and features a fancy tie up! Cute ne? ^0^

Culottes in Camel colour
Click on the image for a more detailed view.

Kill me now. I have like three pairs of unopened circle lenses and 5-6 opened pairs. Not to mention that PinkyParadise was having a promotion. Buy two pairs and get one random pair free. @__@ lets hope that it's a random pair that I can wear and will like. I ended up purchasing the EOS Candy Brown and Candy Magic Barbie King Size Grey. I've actually had my eyes on these for a long time but never bothered to buy, so I thought why not?

EOS Candy Brown

Candy Magic Barbie King Size Grey
My shopperholic mood has died down~ so I think it's about time I go back to napping. All this blogging has worn me out!


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