5 November 2011

My new Monster headphones.

Hey Errr-body! What up?

Melbourne's weather today is soooo beautiful! But I'm cooped up inside cleaning my room and packing for my trip to Sydney. IT'S ONLY 6 DAYS AWAY TILL I CAN SEE MY BOYFRIEND, LEE KIKWANG XD

Packing my bags!
Sadly enough, I'm not extremely excited yet LOL despite writing that in caps @_@ I guess I'm more excited about spending the weekend in Sydney and taking photos to show my beautiful readers. It'll be my second time heading down to Sydney, the last time was for a dance competition and all I did was hang around Paramatta. Not fun :( This time I'll finally be able to explore the city with good girlfriend company as well as see 12 top Korean Idols perform at the Sydney Kpop Music Fest! Is anyone else going?
Well anyways, what I wanted to blog about was some purchases I had made! Nothing much, but it's the excitement of receiving a wrapped up package in the mail and taking pictures to share it. Do you like receiving mail? I love it...even if it's just emails!

My new headphones, box
This week I finally received the Gwen Stefani HARAJUKU LOVERS headphones I ordered through Monster Cable, props to Kia for helping me purchase them and sending them over to me! I got these from www.monstercable.com/ 
It is an American based online shop and they DO NOT ship to overseas.  But I wanted a pair of expensive headphones since Bach has his Beats by Dr. Dre. These cost me $95AUD and the pricing totally doesn't compare to the Beats, but Monster Cable actually make the headphone cable leads for the Beats and the fact that these are by Gwen Stefani, they're super cute and worth it and like the Beats, it comes with a protective casing to store it away.

Inside the box
The ear plugs.

The cable leads are securely wrapped in some kind of metal shell and have an extra layer of protection, not to mention that they are retractable as well! They are also in-ear pluggers and provide up to 4 pairs of different sized cushions, because everyone ear canal can't be the same size. The other cute thing I liked about this was the changeable Gwen bodies. They come in five colours incase you get sick of just the one colour ^^

Changeable Gwen bodies!
These headphones are totally "out-of-this-world cute"
The sound quality the headphones produce are quite impressive and omits excellent quality. They're compatible with all your Apple products and the fact that they're in-ear helps cancel out exterior noises and totally gives you peace of mind to do your own things. If you buy these, I don't think you'd be disappointed. Although the only bad thing I could say is...that I don't really prefer in-ear pluggers LOL but I totally love these!

Anywho, I'm gonna go back to packing and cleaning! I made a deal with the boyfriend that I'd clear my clothes away so that he could take me out on a date in the city tomorrow!

Toodles <3

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