3 November 2011

Melbourne Cup Weekend Getaway! [Pic Heavy]

Hey guys, what up?

How beautiful does Lakes Entrance look?

On Saturday I went away with my boyfriend, my brother, his wife Polly and her nephew Victor. We went to Lakes Entrance for two nights and three days, just to get away from the city life and enjoy leisurely time together as well as use our new fishing rods to catch some fish and crabs! Sadly, the weather wasn't the greatest because it was forecasted to rain the entire weekend :(

Bach and my brother

I don't look like the type to fish, do I? Well, surprised I'm actually a bit of a tomboy behind all that makeup and beauty! ...because I grew up with brother who enjoyed a little elbow grease, and I guess I played the role of the little brother he always wanted LOL

Our Cabin + my daddy's car
We rented out a little three star cabin which had three bedrooms, living room, TV, kitchen and bathroom. It was really simple and cosy...despite the shower water running cold every so often. It was about $160p/n which was super cheap. I'll update with the name of company once I can remember! It's a decent place if you plan to go with a group of people and affordable too!

From my suburban area up to Lakes Entrance is about a 4 hour drive, we arrived at about early arvo, checked in and went straight out to catch crabs and try out our new rods since it was high tide at the time we arrived. It was insane. We caught so many crabs and were super excited!! The other times I'd been we rarely anything so we were all jumping for joy as we kept reeling them in our crab net!
Catching crabs!
Nyahh crabs galore!
My brother and Victor

Later that night we decided to head up further pass Lakes Entrance to find my brother's "special" fishing spot. But we wound up at another place and fished there instead LOL ...I can honestly say that me and Polly fail at catching fishes. We kept casting out the rod and the hook kept getting stuck on snags in the creek. We even casted it so well that...it got stuck up on a nearby tree =.=" we lost so many lines, sinkers and hooks. But despite our extremely failed efforts, Bach and my brother each caught a bream!!

My brother was angry coz Bach's bream was bigger!
Cherry Pick Lake
 The following day we all woke up and headed straight out to fish and my brother was determined to find that "special" or "secret" fishing spot of his. In the end we ended finding it and stayed there for a good 3-4 hours! We all actually caught something, surprisingly! Even Victor, who got some line, a hook and a sinker...in which he tied it onto a random stick. LOL innovative kid.

Anyways, I guess before I get really carried away with going into detail...or rather more like it's slipping my mind~ I'll end this post with a bunch of pictures from my trip :)


Massive Dog we saw!

I just felt like taking a picture of a pelican..

My kicks XD

Polly's catch within 5 minutes!

Yay! My first official catch!

Mine and Polly's catch!
He's first catch was that big!
Where we caught our breams!

Fishing bells ring when the fish bite!

Couple shot

Can you believe he actually caught breams with a stick and line?

He's second catch, a Flat head

Hunting for muscles
I'm supervising..
So tell me, when was the last time you went out on a trip with your family or friends? Overseas or even within your state! Go go go tell me!!

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