30 November 2011

Daily ramblings of a semi-adolescent girl

Hey guys, what's up?

Heart w/ wings necklace. Bought off eBay for $15!
I haven't been up to much but because I have computer access I thought I would just blog for the fun of it~ But, I shamefully admit that I have been spending when I should be saving for Korea :( I bought that necklace above as a xmas present for Kia...and then I found the original one I bought for her ^^
But other than that I haven't been too well since Saturday, I was overwhelmed by a migraine resulting in me missing out on my friend's 21st and Khatsii's 23rd birthday. But I managed to rest up and get better by Sunday night...only to be sleep deprived on Monday along with stomach pains =.=" such is life.

Polly, Florida & Me 
But anyways, during those days I got to see my sister-in-law's niece, Florida! She is a half-cast baby born to an Australia mother and Cambodian father...and homg she is so freaking adorable!! If you know me, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE KIDS NO JOKE! I wanted to have my first child at age 23...until I discovered my love for travelling LOL so...it's been pushed back to the mid-twenties. When is your ideal age to get married and have kids?

Look at that fatty!
OMO guess what? My brother and Polly have finally booked their flight tickets to head to America next April~ I'm SUPER jealous because I would have loved to have gone with them!! They'll be in San Fran for about a months time, I was hoping to be able to go to Hong Kong next year in July with my brother but because of this America trip, it may not be possible...so I'm looking at plans to go to Japan again in October! *fingers crossed*


So, I finally managed not to be lazy and finally scan my instax photos of Sydney <3 Shall share them below~ I was sad, coz I realised that I didn't get one with my bubbu Kimu :( ...then again we camwhore heaps when we're together anyways XD

1. Sydney Tower Buffet w/ Sophy 2. In the hotel w/ Jenii
1. Sophy & Garden 2. Sophy at the S.T Buffet
1. Me at the S.T Buffet 2. Me at the garden
Anyway that's all for now, I'm gonna go curl up in the corner coz my stomach pain is just getting bleh

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