30 November 2011

Daily ramblings of a semi-adolescent girl

Hey guys, what's up?

Heart w/ wings necklace. Bought off eBay for $15!
I haven't been up to much but because I have computer access I thought I would just blog for the fun of it~ But, I shamefully admit that I have been spending when I should be saving for Korea :( I bought that necklace above as a xmas present for Kia...and then I found the original one I bought for her ^^

26 November 2011

Shopperholic: Recent Purchases

Hey there ;)

I know, I just posted...and you're wondering why the heck am I posting again despite no one ever reading my blog. Well, it's because I haven't been blogging lately due to the boyfriend hogging my desk space for his studies. 

I was extremely tempted to purchase a MacBook Pro because of his hogging habits and thought of it's convenience when I was gonna head over to South Korea next February. Then again, I didn't want to have to fork out another $1500 for it. *HURTING + BURNS HOLE IN WALLET AND BANK ACCOUNT* So, I shall refrain and splurge on the more cuter things in life.

So, I've been in a shopper mood lately and I'll just share with you what I've purchased recently over the week.

It was my anniversary and because I didn't get to do much shopping when we went out, the boyfriend allowed me to make a purchase online on anything I wanted and...so I settled on these pair of black skinny high-waisted jeans that I was in total need of...since I only have blue jeans. But I can't wait to try these!!

-Unfortunately, I don't have an image or link to these jeans, seems they're no longer available on ASOS. /majorsadface-

I've been searching for a cape/poncho-like jacket. Ever since SeoHyun bought one on We Got Married, I've been obsessed with finding one, and after a long time + a lot of days...I've narrowed it down to this gorgeous one at: 마크막스 [MakMaks]
레트로망토 코트 | Retro Mangto Coat
Click on the image for a more detailed view.

I recently noticed that my little sling bag from Honeys was shedding and flaking so I thought it was time for a new bag. I searched, even went onto the Honeys website in hopes getting a replacement. Sadly the one I wanted ended up being sold out so I resorted to Gmarket and found a cute one at: 킴스샵11 [Kim's Shop 11]

M219 - Tan Colour
Click on the image for a more detailed view.

Upon looking for a new bag I ended up stumbling on their clothing range. I love Honeys Japan because it was the only store I could actually shop in due to my chubbiness and their variety of sizes ranging from Size S-L, not to mention that they are CHEAP. Like, their prices is what I would spend here in Ausralia!
 Most shops in Japan are "One size fits all" and their pricing's are at least 4,000JPY+ and sizings never go above size M. Hurts my ego about being a voluptuous woman LOL but anyways. I found this cute pair of shorts and thought, I must have it. I assume it was also featured in a Popteen Magazine because of the watermark. But I love the fact that it's got lace on the bottom hem of the shorts, I like it because it's high-waisted and features a fancy tie up! Cute ne? ^0^

Culottes in Camel colour
Click on the image for a more detailed view.

Kill me now. I have like three pairs of unopened circle lenses and 5-6 opened pairs. Not to mention that PinkyParadise was having a promotion. Buy two pairs and get one random pair free. @__@ lets hope that it's a random pair that I can wear and will like. I ended up purchasing the EOS Candy Brown and Candy Magic Barbie King Size Grey. I've actually had my eyes on these for a long time but never bothered to buy, so I thought why not?

EOS Candy Brown

Candy Magic Barbie King Size Grey
My shopperholic mood has died down~ so I think it's about time I go back to napping. All this blogging has worn me out!


Review: Princess Pinky Twilight Green

Hey everybody, what's up?

So, I'm at home and sick on a Saturday :( So I've decided that it was time I pulled out a review, as promised, with my Princess Pinky Twilight Green lenses.

I purchased these from: www.pinkyparadise.com
Yes, I purchased them from my own pocket! I don't get sponsored, but reviewing them for the purpose of informing and helping other :) coz I'm cool like that...jokes! And not to mention that I am addicted to circle lenses LOL

Anyways, on with the review!

19 November 2011

Le Anniversary

Hey guys, what up?

*ahem* no comment.

So, today was my long awaited 4 year anniversary with the boyfriend. Nothing too special...we're not the types to really go all out but what happened was we went up to Melbourne City and pretty much decided to spoil each other. That didn't work out as we really planned, we pretty much just spend under $100 and had some Korean BBQ at 대장금 (Dae Jang Geum). Overall we just had a usual date up in the city, something we rarely do but it was so relaxing and enjoyable :)

16 November 2011

Sydney & Kpop Music Festival

Hey guys, what up yo?

Did anyone head down to Sydney last weekend for the Sydney Kpop Music Festival?

Jenii, Kimu, me & Sophy

Just so you kiddies know, the concert took place to celebrate the 50th year of diplomatic ties between Australia and South Korea. The concert was the first of it's kind with 12 big idol groups in Korea who came down under to deliver a spectacular performance!

5 November 2011

My new Monster headphones.

Hey Errr-body! What up?

Melbourne's weather today is soooo beautiful! But I'm cooped up inside cleaning my room and packing for my trip to Sydney. IT'S ONLY 6 DAYS AWAY TILL I CAN SEE MY BOYFRIEND, LEE KIKWANG XD

Packing my bags!
Sadly enough, I'm not extremely excited yet LOL despite writing that in caps @_@ I guess I'm more excited about spending the weekend in Sydney and taking photos to show my beautiful readers. It'll be my second time heading down to Sydney, the last time was for a dance competition and all I did was hang around Paramatta. Not fun :( This time I'll finally be able to explore the city with good girlfriend company as well as see 12 top Korean Idols perform at the Sydney Kpop Music Fest! Is anyone else going?

3 November 2011

And this is just one of the reason's why I love her.

Sorry for the double post in the day...but I just had to blog this XD

YUKA says: (8:13:13 PM)

Sarah says: (8:13:13 PM)

Sarah says: (8:13:17 PM)

YUKA says: (8:13:45 PM)
when u talk to me, do you use easy english to make me understand well:)

YUKA says: (8:13:54 PM)

YUKA says: (8:14:02 PM)
if yes,

Sarah says: (8:14:03 PM)
hahah sometimes

Sarah says: (8:14:06 PM)
not all the time

YUKA says: (8:14:12 PM)
please use difficult one!^^

Sarah says: (8:14:16 PM)
lately i've been writing normal

YUKA says: (8:14:20 PM)

Sarah says: (8:14:21 PM)
and im surprised you understand

Sarah says: (8:14:22 PM)

Sarah says: (8:14:28 PM)

Sarah says: (8:14:31 PM)

YUKA says: (8:14:40 PM)
i can use dictionary!

YUKA says: (8:14:41 PM)

Sarah says: (8:14:43 PM)

YUKA says: (8:14:48 PM)
my dictionary is smaer

YUKA says: (8:14:50 PM)

YUKA says: (8:14:51 PM)

Sarah says: (8:14:52 PM)

YUKA says: (8:14:54 PM)

YUKA says: (8:14:57 PM)

YUKA says: (8:14:58 PM)

Sarah says: (8:15:23 PM)

LOL...she's my bestie from Japan. She's so quirky it's awesome. 

Melbourne Cup Weekend Getaway! [Pic Heavy]

Hey guys, what up?

How beautiful does Lakes Entrance look?

On Saturday I went away with my boyfriend, my brother, his wife Polly and her nephew Victor. We went to Lakes Entrance for two nights and three days, just to get away from the city life and enjoy leisurely time together as well as use our new fishing rods to catch some fish and crabs! Sadly, the weather wasn't the greatest because it was forecasted to rain the entire weekend :(

1 November 2011

Review: EOS New Adult Blue

Hey guys, what up?

I woke up this morning and I guess, because I haven't been blogging lately, I decided that I should snap up a quick review for you guys.

I bought the EOS New Adult Blue a couple of weeks back and only decided to review them now. I purchased these lenses from: www.honeycolor.com/

This was the second time I was bold enough to buy blue circle lens. Since my skin tone is a slightly tanned tone, I don't think they would suit me very well. But you only live once and throughout life, to know things, you need to go through trial and error for the experience.