11 October 2011

Unpretty side of me

When I'm angry or annoyed, I kind of stay annoyed for like a couple of hours or just within that day. But when I feel like someone is trying to attack me, that's when I'm raging and venting for the next couple of days because I just really need to get it out of my system. =.=" is anyone else like that too?

But when I vent, I know I can say harsh and demeaning things...well I'd boldly say that I actually come off as a bitch. Even my boyfriend is like "Why do you care? Do you even hear yourself?

But at the same time, I don't want to be known as "the bitch", I don't want people to think I'm an angry child all the time or talk shit. Not to be arrogant or vain, I am actually one of the nicest people you could ever meet. No Internet creeper/stalkerism intended. Not to mention, when I start bitching I actually feel guilty for saying such things, but at the same time it's a relief because I get it all off my chest.

Nyahh I'm always in a dilemma with myself but I guess you can say that I have a conscious. And I guess that this is one of my personality traits.

What's gotten me to write this post? Well, I'll try and keep it short since I need to vent.

Couple Camera; D5000 & D7000

A friend of mine recently decided to purchase a Nikon D5000, because of my photography on my Facebook. They were impressed by my images and its quality that I managed to produce. I couldn't help but be happy and excited for them because I felt like I had inspired them into a new hobby.

So, the day came when they got their camera. They were fiddling with the camera etc and telling me about it. The very next day, she texted me, asking what other lenses I owned. I replied telling her thinking nothing of it really and I asked if they had taken any nice/decent photos yet. To which she replied "Yes, there's one of me welding and you can see the sparks. It's awesome"

About two days later, they uploaded the images onto Facebook and shared it on my wall. Seriously. Not being mean or rude but when she said "awesome" I was expecting a bit of a "wow factor" or something quite decent and in my opinion it looked like just any ordinary photo I could've taken with my iPhone 4 or compact digital camera.

Perhaps my response was cold since she was kind of annoying me. I showed her images of sparkle photography and she responded with "That's a sparkler, it doesn't compare to a welders spark. Mines hotter"
Then I proceeded to share one of a welders sparkler, saying that with photography you need to have a concept rather than just capturing an image as a whole. Her response? "He wasn't trying to capture the sparks, just me"

Okay, first of all. Don't get all defensive because you can't respond well to my criticism. I love photography and do it as a hobby although I'm not great with it myself, but seriously. I KNOW the difference between a standard picture to one that should be called "photography". Maybe I'm being a bitch now but...I hate it most when noobs try to out-do me in something I have more knowledge in.

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