25 October 2011

Missing my second home, Japan.

Hey guys, what up? How was everybody's weekend?

I'm not up to much myself, seems like when I'm home on a Saturday and Bach goes out to play FIFA12 with his boyfriend of a brother, I'm stuck alone and depressing thoughts always seem to loom up in my mind! =___="

Our farewell party.
L to R: Yuka, Kazuki, Akane, Bach & Me
Whenever I'm alone and just browsing through my computer I always stumble upon an image of me back in Japan or end up chatting to one of my Japanese friends. But I'm actually happy that they have decided to hop onto Facebook! We may have a language barrier but that doesn't seem to stop us so I'm really happy about that ^^
I miss Japan so much, I was lucky enough to go for an entire month in February of this year. Since my last visit it's actually been four years, so Bach and I were determined to go even more and hang out with Yuka and we'd paint the town together.

Meet Yuka, my bestie from Japan!
Every time I think back to this year's visit, I'm always sighing contently because I enjoyed myself so much!! I was reunited with a lot of my friends and made plenty of new ones, who I really want to see all over again!! I saw more of Osaka and managed to travel to Kyoto and Tokyo.

Well enough things for me to say, I'm just gonna spam this post with pictures of my trip and captions...I can't believe I even went to the liberty of watermarking my images @_@

Anyways, enjoy! They are in no particular order either!

Aerial's castle in Tokyo DisneySea
Outside of Universal Studio Japan
Our group chillin' with Spiderman @ USJ
Me, Aya, Yuka & Dorothy heading towards the Aquarium by boat
I still remember the taste of Calbee @ Yakiniku HNNNNGGGG
On the HEP-5 Ferris Wheel
Dorothy's Farewall party in Osaka.
L to R: Me, Aya, Yuka, Yurika, Dorothy & Bach
An awesome waffle from Cafe de Mimi in Kobe!
Bach reunited with his host, Koki @ Onaruto Bridge
Seiko graduated from University!
Our wonderful parents (Yuka's parents) @ Yakiniku
Kobe's Chinatown @ Motomachi
At Kiyomizu Temple's Kyoto outlook.
L to R: Momoe, Yuka, Dorothy, Me & Kazuki
Kiyomizu Temple
The wishes of many
A traditiona Japanese wedding at a temple in Kyoto
Kinkakuji Temple @ Kyoto
Our first homemade chocolates on Valentine's Day!

Sadamaru Household
Snowing in Higashi-Kakogawa!
MaiDreaming Maid Cafe at Akihabara
The Gundam Cafe in Akihabara!
My precious Osawa Akane look-a-like
Making Okonomiyaki at home!
My children banging it out on Taiko no Tatsujin
Kobe Tower
Inside Kobe Motomachi!
It was pretty yum for a beer!
Our last photo together. Mother and Seiko <3

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