6 October 2011

Makeup session

Hey beautiful people!

Before I move on with pictures, steps and tips...I wanted to do a little tribute to the man behind Apple, Steve Jobs. You created amazing gadgets that changed the lives of millions forever, and honestly your technology has converted me to an Apple lover! I love my iPhones, my iPad 2, my iPod 4th Gen and especially my iMac. Thank you for being a part of this world, it was cruel that it has taken you too soon <3 May you rest in peace and hopefully your legacy continues on forever with more amazing things.

My Apple collection!

So...I guess it's been a few days and I did mention that I was gonna post up my makeup steps from the photoshoot. It's not exactly a tutorial...I would totally suck at that but rather a transition? XD
I don't know I was bored and wanted something to blog about haha and...there's just gonna be loads of images of me =.=" apologies, I didn't want to be vain...I wanted to just give examples.

Selca with makeup look: Take with iPhone 4
Makeup List:
GEO Princess Mimi in Sesame Grey
OLAY Regenerist Moisturizer
MISSHA BB Cream #23
Bourjois Concealer Pen
Lioele 3D Skin Fix Foundation #23
Dollywink Eyeshadow Brown 01
Dejavu Eyeliner Pen
Rimmel White Eyeliner Pen
Dollywink Long Mascara
Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek Blush
Maybelline Lipstick A34 "Born with it"

L to R: (1) Bare face (2) MISSHA BB Cream #23 + Concealer
This is a basical ritual I do before applying makeup is to cleanse my face and apply moisturizer. This was the first time I actually applied BB Cream under any make up, it scared me at first because I looked far too pale for my liking but BB Cream has properties that actually help repair your skin as well as help keep your skin tone quite even, as you could probably notice my forehead is A LOT darker than my actual face :(. BB Cream can also act as a base makeup or you could just wear it out without any makeup over it too!

Lioele 3D Skin Fix Foundation #23
In the image above I have applied my foundation on top. I use Liole 3D Skin Fix Foundation #23, I really like it because it makes my skin feel love, soft and smooth ^^ but depending on your skin type it could be different so be aware! Afterwards, to lock in or set the foundation I applied a rough amount of powder foundation all over!

Eyeshadow: Dollywink Eyeshadow Brown 01
I received this eyeshadow as a gift from my beloved Yuka <3 and I really love it, I use it all the time for a natural and gyaru makeup look. I highly recommend it if you ever have the chance to buy it! To apply eyeshadow, you apply a light base colour over your eyelids and extend it out over the lines and work your way out making it darker. I'm not sure if you notice but the inner-corner of my eyes has a light shade to accentuate the colours.

Eyeliner, Mascara + Brow, Blush and lip stick
Basically what I've done here is apply a fine line of eyeliner and flicked outwards just so when I apply my eyelashes my eyes will have some sort of shape. Curl your lashes and then apply mascara at your leisure! Although for this makeup I didn't apply mascara to my lower lashes. I decided to add white eyeliner to my lower waterline just to try and accentuate my eye size. I managed to apply a light pinkish blush from the Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek range, its very love! That way you can appear to look more innocent and cutesy. Now, it's your choice as to whether you need to apply Brow mascara. Because my hair is light I thought I'd do it to make it "blend in".

Add eyelashes!
Final step to the look is to add eyelashes! Eyelashes actually do add a dramatic effect! Again, its your choice whether you want to add it or not especially with the lower lashes XD Lower lashes add more of a dramatic effect and can appear to make your eyes look larger too.


Put your hair down, curl it or straighten it at your leisure :)

Sorry, I know it's pic-heavy of just me =.=" but hope the comparisons help!

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