20 October 2011

Hair Influence

Hey guys, what up?

So~ for the past two days...or even longer than that, I've been having a big dilemma about whether to cut my fringe short or keep growing it out like I've planned to. Reason being for this dilemma is because of all those gorgeous and beautiful Kpop idols! Because their hair looks soo good! Not to mention those adorable gyaru models like Tsubasa Masuwaka... But you get my point right?

Tsubasa Masawaka
The other day I went to get my hair trimmed. By then, my fringe was literally up to my chin! I was ecstatic, then I was stupid in forgetting to tell the lady NOT to cut my fringe...and within five seconds it was gone and cut down all the way up to my nose :( I went home and cried. IT FINALLY WAS LONG AFTER 4 MONTHS...all that waiting and tending to it @_@ and yes, I cried and felt extremely ugly!! Not that I was vain, but because all that time I've been anticipating for it to grow and I was finally achieving something. Now all that patience went down the drain. Not to mention that she did a horrible job, literally spent FIVE minutes on it. Ugh, but that was my fault. NEVER AGAIN.

But anyway...the sole reason why I wanted to grow my fringe out is because I've had a fringe for the past decade and I thought it was time to grow it out to look and feel more mature, SeoHyun of Girls' Generation was the inspiration! But as I check out the other Kpop ladies, I can't help but want to chop it off and go for a more cute and innocent look. Nyaaaaah, so I'm just going to spam with some of the people's hair styles I like and may get it cut similar to. But I'm going to try and have some self-control...because I am determined to grow it again and NOT get it mistakenly cut again.
Girls' Generation's Maknae SeoHyun
I've always loved her long hair mature look. It compliments her very well and not to mention, it makes her looks absolutely stunning and goddess-like. She's the reason why I want to grow my fringe out long!

miss A's Suzy Bae
Suzy's hair is fairly simple, the fringe really compliments her face. Full fringes don't suit me so well but I wish I could pull it off like she does!

Girls' Generation's Jessica Jung
God damn, I really envy Jessica! Whether she gets a full fringe or it grows out into a side sweep, she always looks amazing and every time they make a comeback, I always notice her hair the most because the style so much!
f(x)'s Victoria
Very similar to Suzy's style as well. Again with the full fringe, only because I absolutely love how her fringe contrasts with the actual length of her hair, not to mention she is just adorable!

Actress Park BoYoung
Recognise her? The girl in B2ST's Fiction MV. I really like her natural flowly side swept fringe, its still quite long in comparison to the others and it looks neat and mature.

After School's Kahi
Where do I even begin with Kahi? She's a great singer, an amazing dancer, plus she's got a hot body that radiates "sex appeal", along with her gorgeous long hair...how can you not resist?

Okay, so by now my mind's just gone blank. I really love the beautiful looking long hair, not layered where only the bottom layer of the hair is the longest, but rather the entire head is the same length. Fringe wise, can be chin length or longer ^^ But at the same time, because my hair isn't quite long and I feel unsatisfied with it...perhaps that's why I want to cut it =.=" but I will do my best to refrain since I've already taken a whole year to grow it out.

So, what's your ideal hairstyle or who inspires your hair style? Leave and image link below or mention a celebrity's name! I'm quite curious! XD

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