5 October 2011

I'm becoming a shopaholic ㅠ ㅠ

Do you remember the CECIL McBEE handbag my awesome boyfriend bought for me? Well, it finally came in on Monday! I came home rushing from work only to find that...nothing had arrived. No notice of having to pick it up from the post office either, I slowly sank in to depression because I was so excited to finally receive it. Then I decided to check the EMS tracker and found that it actually HAD been delivered. My sneaky brother hid it under my bed =.=" Once I found my package I ripped it open without despair and feasted my eyes upon my new beautiful handbag!

Le Price Tag 
Le Brand Tag

Outside Plaque
Le Inside 
Inside Tag
La Bag!
Aigoo~ it's beautiful isn't it? The bag ended up costing Bach about $100 and shipping was $40ish via EMS. Despite it being a bit pricey, I love it dearly! But that's okay considering that you cannot buy the items directly through their online store. Most popular Japanese stores do not provide international shipping and I was totally bummed about that, plus I didn't want to have to constantly both my Japanese friends to buy me things. So I discovered "White Rabbit Press" a company in Japan that is owned by people in the US, they helped me make the purchase! Check it out if you ever want items from Japan! All you gotta do is send them a request along with the link of the item you want, then in two days they will send you back response and its up to you whether you fancy the price or not!

Side view

Over the weekend, I went out to get lunch locally and my awesome friends Tina and Julie were working at VK Shoes. VK Shoes is a local store that sells brand name shoes like Tony Bianco, Therapy and Doc Martins for a decent price in comparison to actual retail stores. I walked in with the only intention to look around and chat to the girls...instead I set my eyes upon a pair of boots. They were gorgeous!! Laced wedged heel boots that were a sheep's wool kind of colour with a flap fold over covered in fur. Definitely taking these babies over to Korea and Sydney with me! They're extremely comfortable and don't hurt my feet at all!

Front view

I can honestly say that I was never really fond of wedged heels but the fur on these babies really had me sold. I just wanted to send a little shout out to Tina and Julie, THANK YOU~ I didn't need the discount but I appreciate it haha <3 Definitely will have to take you out on that date so we can wear matching boots Tina <3

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