3 October 2011

I'm an awkward turtle.

여러분 안녕하세요!
I was about to write this post yesterday but..my boyfriend ended up hogging the computer space for his studies ㅠ_ㅠ

As you can see by my new banner, I went out yesterday arvo to do a park photoshoot with my boyfriend! I've been dying to do one but been either busy or too lazy to get all dolled and made up! But finally it's been done!

Hmm, big difference isn't it? O_O Well anyways, for those that are curious about the makeup I used for the photoshoot, I will make sure to post up about it in the next couple of days!

It was my first time so I was a bit awkward, I wasn't even sure what to do! But I guess you can feast your eyes on the images! I selected and edited a few that seemed worthy of posting up...I know, it's just photos of me =.=" so I can't really tell you to uhm enjoy yourself.

My Facebook display picture
I'm such a kid.
He told me to pout D:
I wish I was cute.
It was Bach's first time trying to use the natural sunlight to his advantage, not bad right?

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