15 October 2011

More CECIL ♥

How's everyone been?
For the most part, I've been well and alive...possibly kind of sinking into depression. But don't be alarmed, I'll be pick myself back up soon.

Case & Lashes
Anywho's, just wanted to share a recent purchase I made about a week or two ago via White Rabbit Press. I bought another CECIL McBEE handbag along with eyelashes and an iPhone 4 case, coz you know, I totally love CECIL McBEE!

I got the case on sale for only 980JPY!! So happy ^__^ The lashes were 1,050JPY while the handbag was 5,985JPY.
La Bag
The Lock!
The key to the lock.
How should I say? The bag is quite comfortable to carry around. It's nice, big and spacious. Although, I was a little disappointed when it arrived, I was hoping that the leather-like material would be nicer LOL but I've come to like it because it's just really nice and soft! I was mostly fascinated by the lock and key. Even though the lock is pretty much useless and doesn't secure anything...it was just so cute that the bag has that feature.

But because it is comfortable, soft and spacious I'm probably going to lug it around when I go to Sydney! I'll post up pictures another time of when I am able to test out the lashes, they look extremely gorgeous and I really can't wait!!

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