19 October 2011

Forty-seven and counting...

Hey guys, what up?

When we were in Japan this February!

Today marks my 47th month of being together with my boyfriend, woohoo! We've got one more month until we reach our forth year of being together. Who would've known? Seriously, four years is a big achievement and...me and Bach don't exactly think of it like that LOL more like, we've reached another milestone in our relationship. It rather comes to a surprise to us, I mean to others its a shock we've been together for that long...but to us it doesn't feel like it's been long, all that matters to us is that we're just glad that we're happy together and still progressing through our relationship.

Sorry to disappoint the friends, but marriage is still far off and I'm apologetic to my mother because she's been nagging me to have a grandchild for her. LOL I'm only 21 and as much as I absolutely love children and want to give her a grandchild, I want to travel some more before settling down like that.

Today @ Nando's 
Well, I didn't want to ramble on why I love Bach...that would just be awkward because I'm not exactly the affectionate type of girlfriend, I'd rather bag the poor fella LOL that's more enjoyable!

Just a curious question though, what do you do to celebrate your anniversary? Or what would be your ideal way of celebrating your anniversary with your partner?

Anywho, I'll be back some time to blog about something random one day.


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