2 October 2011

Daylight Savings +1

Hey guys! How have you all been? Was it an awesome weekend?
Seems like all I'm able to do is blog during the weekends lol I guess that's when my life actually has any colour and activity. Although when I am at work I always think about blogging "issues" or debatable topics..so perhaps I'll start doing that whenever I can!

But anyways, the weather in Melbourne has been crappy lately. When I mean crappy...like really crappy. I fell sick prior to the crap weather and seems like I'm still sick ㅠ_ㅠ Since Monday throughout the week it has been pouring rain non-stop! Hell, there were even thunderstorms @_@ But I'm hoping the weather outtake on the following week will be heaps better *keeps praying*
Nice'n'Easy Foam Hair dye in Medium Ash Blonde
From the moment I woke up on Saturday I had decided that I was going to dye my hair. My regrowth had been bugging me for the past week or so and dying it dark blonde was super fail because the colour didn't change at all. Now, I have a friendly tip! If you've recently bleached your hair to go a lighter shade and you're doing it at home yourself, I highly recommend using foam or mousse types of hair dye! They feel a lot less damaging after the bleach!
My hair dying process..not that there was much difference from the beginning =_="
So I ended up having to bleach my entire hair (courtesy of my sister-in-law for doing it, she's the best). My previous "Dark Blonde" hair was fail...it wasn't a dark blonde and I have no freaking idea what brown shade it was =\ it was nice while it lasted but I really cannot stand my hair being dark for a long period of time. It was pretty funny though, I decided to give my hair a break and go out to have Pho with Sophy before dying it again. So I was kinda out, eating dinner with a copper coloured head. Lovely.

So after ALL the hair dying processes and my dinner I had a dress up birthday to attend. Chucky was my high school female sweetheart. LOL I say that because she always would flirt with me, we'd kiss and she'd always claim me to be her girlfriend =P It was good to see familiar faces and spend time with my old high school buddies. A lot has happened in the four years but no matter what, when I'm with Chucky, Phung or Cong we're always like nothing has ever happened, no time-slot gap missing So I'm glad and thankful for that!

Anywho, Chucky decided to host a dress up party! Unfortunately I didn't dress up much, I was too shy to come in my complete Maid-sama outfit so...I just wore the dress in and called myself an "off-duty maid" lol but anyways, enjoy the photos below! They were taken with my Nikon S9100, not too shabby but I think I need to work its Auto Focus better.

Dr. Cong the alcoholic
This is us...with PK the gorilla
Pdell, Chucky & me
Boys tryna dougie battle with the drunk bear
Phung, Cong and me
Darth Suk & me
Chucky, Bach, Phung & CongHwa
Congee & me
Pdell and moi
Beautiful Chucky and me
Bach is a gorilla...his brows are his habitat XD
We're smiling!

Overall, it was an awesome night. For me, whenever I'm drinking with Cong it's always a good night. For those of you who don't know, Cong is like my best friend (yes, aside from Bach). Cong has been my big brother since Year 8 and we have a really long history. But he really is Daebak!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekends punks!

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