16 October 2011

Brunch with the beauties

Khatsii, Kimu, Saera & Julie
Thought I'd make a brief blog post about today's happenings since I probably won't blog for the week since...nothing interesting in my life ever happens XD

Any who, I received a message from my beautiful Julie (Julie's Little World) inviting me out to brunch for the Sunday which Cat (Khatsii) and Kimu (xxshinrai) were going to be there as well. Don't be alarmed, this wasn't a blogger meet up LOL we're actually friends prior to that and blogging! But Julie kept saying it was a bloggers meet up haha
CECIL McBEE lashes from above
Today's makeup
I woke up this morning at about 8am because I wanted to see SBS PopAsia on TV for the first time, and I woke up to see KARA's "Step", you seriously don't know how happy I was to actually hear Korean music playing off Australian TV nyahhh! I've been addicted to that song lately and I so can't wait for them to perform that at the Sydney Kpop Music Festival in November. Guh, got sidetracked again. I got my makeup ready and decided that I was going to try out my new CECIL McBEE eyelashes, I can tell you now that they are L-O-V-E <3 They are quite natural but still give off a beautiful effect. The band is a little hard but it's nothing that I can't handle! They lasted me all day as well :) Today's makeup was more natural I guess. I didn't feel the need for lower lashes so I just applied some mascara ^^

So, we were supposed to meet up at 11am but majority of us were pretty much running late haha but we ended up deciding that we wanted some pasta since were usually typically eat Korean. But luckily I was in a pasta-eating mood ^0^ After walking around for, who knows, half and hour or so...plus some window shopping on the way, we finally settled for an alleyway restaurant called CA de VIN which was located at the Melbourne GPO, near Melboure Central. The staff were extremely welcoming and friendly, I would definitely want to go back there!

She's everywhere
Me & Cat
Kimu & Julie
Kimu & Julie
Toilet break shot
After having brunch, chilling and chatting we decided to just walk around. We girls were seriously indecisive that we constantly kept asking one another where we wanted to go @_@ ...we got nowhere and all we did was make pitstops to either go to the toilet or because I had to tie my shoe laces haha
In the end we decided that we were going to take sticker photos because Cat was keen on showing us a Korean purikura machine at Photo Plus called "로즈 페이스" (Rose Face). It was cute and brought back memories ^^ not to mention it was so awesome that it printed out double copies!
Sticker photos

Sticker photo editing

Julie: I'm always ready!

Julie is such a cutiepie
Fail attempt at capturing all four
Well that's all folks :) All in all, it was a great day catching up with these bunch of beauties <3 Always great company despite the weather being quite gloomy!

Thanks for reading and come back again .. okay? ^^ I won't bite!

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