25 October 2011

Missing my second home, Japan.

Hey guys, what up? How was everybody's weekend?

I'm not up to much myself, seems like when I'm home on a Saturday and Bach goes out to play FIFA12 with his boyfriend of a brother, I'm stuck alone and depressing thoughts always seem to loom up in my mind! =___="

Our farewell party.
L to R: Yuka, Kazuki, Akane, Bach & Me
Whenever I'm alone and just browsing through my computer I always stumble upon an image of me back in Japan or end up chatting to one of my Japanese friends. But I'm actually happy that they have decided to hop onto Facebook! We may have a language barrier but that doesn't seem to stop us so I'm really happy about that ^^

20 October 2011

Hair Influence

Hey guys, what up?

So~ for the past two days...or even longer than that, I've been having a big dilemma about whether to cut my fringe short or keep growing it out like I've planned to. Reason being for this dilemma is because of all those gorgeous and beautiful Kpop idols! Because their hair looks soo good! Not to mention those adorable gyaru models like Tsubasa Masuwaka... But you get my point right?

Tsubasa Masawaka
The other day I went to get my hair trimmed. By then, my fringe was literally up to my chin! I was ecstatic, then I was stupid in forgetting to tell the lady NOT to cut my fringe...and within five seconds it was gone and cut down all the way up to my nose :( I went home and cried. IT FINALLY WAS LONG AFTER 4 MONTHS...all that waiting and tending to it @_@ and yes, I cried and felt extremely ugly!! Not that I was vain, but because all that time I've been anticipating for it to grow and I was finally achieving something. Now all that patience went down the drain. Not to mention that she did a horrible job, literally spent FIVE minutes on it. Ugh, but that was my fault. NEVER AGAIN.

But anyway...the sole reason why I wanted to grow my fringe out is because I've had a fringe for the past decade and I thought it was time to grow it out to look and feel more mature, SeoHyun of Girls' Generation was the inspiration! But as I check out the other Kpop ladies, I can't help but want to chop it off and go for a more cute and innocent look. Nyaaaaah, so I'm just going to spam with some of the people's hair styles I like and may get it cut similar to. But I'm going to try and have some self-control...because I am determined to grow it again and NOT get it mistakenly cut again.

19 October 2011

Forty-seven and counting...

Hey guys, what up?

When we were in Japan this February!

Today marks my 47th month of being together with my boyfriend, woohoo! We've got one more month until we reach our forth year of being together. Who would've known? Seriously, four years is a big achievement and...me and Bach don't exactly think of it like that LOL more like, we've reached another milestone in our relationship. It rather comes to a surprise to us, I mean to others its a shock we've been together for that long...but to us it doesn't feel like it's been long, all that matters to us is that we're just glad that we're happy together and still progressing through our relationship.

Sorry to disappoint the friends, but marriage is still far off and I'm apologetic to my mother because she's been nagging me to have a grandchild for her. LOL I'm only 21 and as much as I absolutely love children and want to give her a grandchild, I want to travel some more before settling down like that.

Today @ Nando's 
Well, I didn't want to ramble on why I love Bach...that would just be awkward because I'm not exactly the affectionate type of girlfriend, I'd rather bag the poor fella LOL that's more enjoyable!

Just a curious question though, what do you do to celebrate your anniversary? Or what would be your ideal way of celebrating your anniversary with your partner?

Anywho, I'll be back some time to blog about something random one day.


16 October 2011

Brunch with the beauties

Khatsii, Kimu, Saera & Julie
Thought I'd make a brief blog post about today's happenings since I probably won't blog for the week since...nothing interesting in my life ever happens XD

Any who, I received a message from my beautiful Julie (Julie's Little World) inviting me out to brunch for the Sunday which Cat (Khatsii) and Kimu (xxshinrai) were going to be there as well. Don't be alarmed, this wasn't a blogger meet up LOL we're actually friends prior to that and blogging! But Julie kept saying it was a bloggers meet up haha

15 October 2011

More CECIL ♥

How's everyone been?
For the most part, I've been well and alive...possibly kind of sinking into depression. But don't be alarmed, I'll be pick myself back up soon.

Case & Lashes
Anywho's, just wanted to share a recent purchase I made about a week or two ago via White Rabbit Press. I bought another CECIL McBEE handbag along with eyelashes and an iPhone 4 case, coz you know, I totally love CECIL McBEE!

I got the case on sale for only 980JPY!! So happy ^__^ The lashes were 1,050JPY while the handbag was 5,985JPY.

12 October 2011

I think about it everyday.

I really need to escape and be on my own. My head is looming up with lots of random thoughts of guilt, anger, annoyance and random spurs of sadness.

I need time out.

11 October 2011

Unpretty side of me

When I'm angry or annoyed, I kind of stay annoyed for like a couple of hours or just within that day. But when I feel like someone is trying to attack me, that's when I'm raging and venting for the next couple of days because I just really need to get it out of my system. =.=" is anyone else like that too?

But when I vent, I know I can say harsh and demeaning things...well I'd boldly say that I actually come off as a bitch. Even my boyfriend is like "Why do you care? Do you even hear yourself?

But at the same time, I don't want to be known as "the bitch", I don't want people to think I'm an angry child all the time or talk shit. Not to be arrogant or vain, I am actually one of the nicest people you could ever meet. No Internet creeper/stalkerism intended. Not to mention, when I start bitching I actually feel guilty for saying such things, but at the same time it's a relief because I get it all off my chest.

6 October 2011

Makeup session

Hey beautiful people!

Before I move on with pictures, steps and tips...I wanted to do a little tribute to the man behind Apple, Steve Jobs. You created amazing gadgets that changed the lives of millions forever, and honestly your technology has converted me to an Apple lover! I love my iPhones, my iPad 2, my iPod 4th Gen and especially my iMac. Thank you for being a part of this world, it was cruel that it has taken you too soon <3 May you rest in peace and hopefully your legacy continues on forever with more amazing things.

My Apple collection!

So...I guess it's been a few days and I did mention that I was gonna post up my makeup steps from the photoshoot. It's not exactly a tutorial...I would totally suck at that but rather a transition? XD
I don't know I was bored and wanted something to blog about haha and...there's just gonna be loads of images of me =.=" apologies, I didn't want to be vain...I wanted to just give examples.

Selca with makeup look: Take with iPhone 4

5 October 2011

I'm becoming a shopaholic ㅠ ㅠ

Do you remember the CECIL McBEE handbag my awesome boyfriend bought for me? Well, it finally came in on Monday! I came home rushing from work only to find that...nothing had arrived. No notice of having to pick it up from the post office either, I slowly sank in to depression because I was so excited to finally receive it. Then I decided to check the EMS tracker and found that it actually HAD been delivered. My sneaky brother hid it under my bed =.=" Once I found my package I ripped it open without despair and feasted my eyes upon my new beautiful handbag!

Le Price Tag 
Le Brand Tag

3 October 2011

I'm an awkward turtle.

여러분 안녕하세요!
I was about to write this post yesterday but..my boyfriend ended up hogging the computer space for his studies ㅠ_ㅠ

As you can see by my new banner, I went out yesterday arvo to do a park photoshoot with my boyfriend! I've been dying to do one but been either busy or too lazy to get all dolled and made up! But finally it's been done!

Hmm, big difference isn't it? O_O Well anyways, for those that are curious about the makeup I used for the photoshoot, I will make sure to post up about it in the next couple of days!

2 October 2011

Daylight Savings +1

Hey guys! How have you all been? Was it an awesome weekend?
Seems like all I'm able to do is blog during the weekends lol I guess that's when my life actually has any colour and activity. Although when I am at work I always think about blogging "issues" or debatable topics..so perhaps I'll start doing that whenever I can!

But anyways, the weather in Melbourne has been crappy lately. When I mean crappy...like really crappy. I fell sick prior to the crap weather and seems like I'm still sick ㅠ_ㅠ Since Monday throughout the week it has been pouring rain non-stop! Hell, there were even thunderstorms @_@ But I'm hoping the weather outtake on the following week will be heaps better *keeps praying*
Nice'n'Easy Foam Hair dye in Medium Ash Blonde