14 September 2011

What I hate the most.

I’m sure it’s happened to you, well majority of the Asian people that I know have been through this and it shits you up the wall.

“Being compared to your friend or family friend member.”

Don’t you just hate that? Especially when you know you guys are on completely different levels. It stresses you out more because you know that person to a personal degree whereas your parents only know them exponentially, word of mouth sort of thing.

“Why can’t you do this? He/She can do it and you’re the same age”

“He/She achieved this award, why didn’t you get it too?”

Drives you up the wall doesn’t it? I know it does. This is something I will definitely keep in mind when I become a parent. Why? Think about it, if you continue to be compared to someone you would always aim to be better. Not that it’s a genuinely bad thing but at the same time it would be the psychological matter. You grow to hate or resent that person because you either can’t compete or you place yourself so high above everyone else that you lose everything.

“Life isn’t a competition.”

You’re supposed to grow up and enjoy life, not live in someone else’s shadow to be better than them.

I’ve had a few of these personal experiences with being competitive and compared to them. I hated it, I grew up resenting it. I literally forgot about it at some point and…honestly the times that I didn’t remember it were the best. I didn’t have that build up of guilt consuming me.

But there was one girl in my entire teenage life, even still now, who aims to be better than me. I’m not being stuck-up saying that I am awesome or anything. But seriously, I can see the competition she draws between us. I buy an item or receive it as a birthday gift, a couple months later, she happens to get it for the same occasion. She brags about working everyday and the paycheck she receives on a weekly basis. So? I work too and maybe receive less than her, but I can save and I don’t need to brag about it. I’m comfortable with my workplace and the people there.

I went to Japan for a month last February and she tries to rub it in my face that she’s going to both South Korea and Japan because South Korea is a country that I would love to visit. Wow, regardless both countries will still be there twenty years time.

I have the Nikon D5000 and she wants the D5100 because it’s an upgrade of mine and technically better. I can’t stress this enough, it’s not all about DSLR cameras, you can have the best…but it doesn’t necessarily mean you are the best either. There’s not point in having the best if you can’t even use it to it’s potential. (Like someone I know who thinks he’s a professional)

That’s a few things in short. It just drives me up the wall and I don’t think she understands that I don’t care but it does annoy me how she sometimes attempts to belittle me to make herself feel superior. I’m living my life, trying to be who I am, following my dreams and desires. I’m working and may not make a vast amount of money or have a great qualification…but that doesn’t mean I’m not happy with myself. I really am happy!!

I have an awesome family, an amazing boyfriend who loves and accepts me and insanely supportive friends who I can always count on. Can you really out-do me? You can buy everything that I have, but will you truly be happy knowing you live in my shadow?

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