13 September 2011

A small piece of Melbourne

Hey everyone!

I felt like blogging again because I'm on my iPad and I found some pictures I had taken while I took a day off work, last Monday I think. I followed Bach up to The University of Melbourne...yes, my boyfriend goes there...I don't exactly know how or why either because he is such a nutcase .__."

My first shot with the Tokina lens

But any who, I had brought Bach's Nikon D7000 along hoping to do some photography and test out my new Tokina 12-24mm wide angle lenses. They aren't bad at all but I have to still get used to going up closer to the subject to use it well.

Just a typical tram passenger.
On the tram to Uni
His couple ring.
Bach decided not to go to his last tute so we ended up catching the tram and visited his boyfriend Jeffrey. Yeah, my boyfriend is gay...he has a boyfriend while I'm his side dish lol jks. But Jeffrey is like, our photography buddy as well. We just hung out at his apartment for the afternoon before heading back home.

My boyfriend playing with Jeffrey's Panasonic Lumix GF1
Pot plant in Jeff's apartment
Always on Twitter on the iPad

So without further ado, enjoy the pictures!

Flinders Street Station

It was an insanely bright day.

Art sculpture on South Bank bridge
Art sculpture on South Bank
South Bank walk
P.S. I'm still broadening and learning photography, the only thing I seem to be confident with is party portraits! I will post more of those rather than landscape etc.

My boots XD

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