27 September 2011

I'm poor from online shopping.

Hey guys! How is everyone and how was everyone's weekend?
I had a nice relaxing weekend but...as usual the weekend is always too short and sadly I caught someone's cold and am at home resting. I thought I should blog since I have nothing better to do since I can't sleep and laze around like my fat blob boyfriend! Don't get me wrong, I still love him to bits =P

Me and the boyfriend
I actually spent quite a bit of money this weekend too >~< big hole in my pocket!! I purchased my flight tickets to Sydney for the Kpop Music Fest along with Sophy's, a Nikon S9100 Digital Camera and my lovely boyfriend spoilt me with a CECIL McBEE handbag!
ITEM: モノグラムロゴパターンBAG 
PRICE: 6,195円

I was particularly having a good weekend because my hair was just being so love with me. You know, when you have a good hair day everything springs right into your life...that sort of feeling. Plus it's getting longer and I no longer have a fringe that's all in my face! For about 8-10 years I've always had a side sweep fringe, so finally I have managed to grow it out and go for a more mature look.
Me, recently
Two years ago, with a fringe
 The waiting has finally paid off, what do you guys think? Fringe or no fringe? I'm enjoying my new look now ^^

Shots taken with the S9100. JULIE THIS IS FOR YOU BROW!
So I had received my newly bought camera yesterday. I bought it through DWI and it came so fast! So happy, finally charged and played with it a little. It's not too bad although I must admit the system is a big laggy since I'm used to DSLRs being quick etc. But this camera overall isn't that disappointing, picture quality is great, 18x wide optical zoom, nice and compact and it does all the shutter, aperture and ISO for me. It has a pop-up flash, HD recording and different scene/mode settings. Can't wait to test it out at the concert ^^
Fake lower lashes from eBay, $8.25 for 3 style x10 pairs
Arrived in the mail yesterday!
Yes, as you can tell I've been on a bit of a spending spree =.=" ...which will come to a stop this week I hope, good news is that I have been saving just not a lot. I ordered my contacts via honeycolor.com about three weeks ago. They don't normally take that long to ship, but because they had a 30% off sale along with a five day holiday, their orders went crazy and just couldn't keep up with the processing >_< but I'm happy to have received them now! I'll be taking pictures and reviewing in later for you guys to see! I ordered the; GEO Mimi Cafe Series in Latte Brown and EOS Adult Blue

Anyways before I end up writing a story or chapter in my life, I shall end the post here <3
Enjoy your week and please don't get sick like me!

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