12 September 2011

Re-living my ulzzang days

Us with the birthday girl!
In my previous post I mentioned that I had Sok's 21st to attend. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos, there were already professional photographers hired as well as a few other people who brought their DSLR so...I just couldn't have been bothered, plus my flash ran out of batteries :( Well, I did take photos...but of myself and with my boyfriend LOL I know, a bit sad but taking selca's pretty much made me realise how much I missed my ulzzang-wannabe days!

Me and Bach; Beauty and the Beast...according to him, he's the beauty XD
I apologise in advanced because this post will be pic-heavy...with pictures of myself LOL and I apologise if I come off as conceited >_< I...just have a habit of taking photos of myself especially when I get dressed up and wear makeup!
Props to Linda for this!

Okay, no more of me! XD 

If you're wondering about the makeup I'm wearing, here is a list:
GEO Bambi Series Brown
Bonjois Brush Concealer Pen
Lioele 3D Skin Fix Foundation #23 Skin Beige
Koji Dollywink Brown Eyeshadow #01
Koji Dollywink Long Mascara
Dejavu Liquid Liner Pen
Fairylash eyelashes w/ D.U.P Eyelashes Fixer EX
MARY QUANT Custom Cheek Palette
Maxfactor Lipstick #725 Marsh Mellow w/ Lavshuca Lip Gloss

Most of the brands I've listed at Japanese and Korean cosmetics, some are quite easy to find and get access to buy...while some like MARY QUANT, Fairylash and Dejavu I had purchased them whilst I was in Japan earlier this year.

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  1. hehehe!! you're adorable Sarah! :) don't worry brow, with looks like these, yo man Kikwang will be like WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA if he every spots you in the crowd ;D hehe BAM! hahaha i uno what i'm saying, i should be sleeping lalalalalalalala >.< schleeeep time xoxox