10 September 2011

La Weekend Post!

So, what has everyone been up to? I haven't been up to much despite being quite busy, and watching dramas. Seems like the only time I can relax!

Today Bach, my awesomest boyfriend, took me shopping to Southland! I was on the lookout for two dresses since I have Sok's 21st birthday at Springvale International Reception and Julie Au's 21st, which is at another function hall. So both would need to be a formal/cocktail dress style.

We had some brunch at Nando's and then went walkabout for about an hour for a dress. There were a few I eyed but none that spoke to me, that was until I walked into Myers. I walked in for merely two minutes and I already picked out three dresses!

My beautiful new dress!

So, this is the dress I ended up choosing: Lipsy London, One sleeve, Creme, $129
It was pricey...and I don't even spend more than $40 on a party dress, but I just fell in love with it!

Well, I was just happy about my purchase and find that I had to blog about it LOL...but I will be a volunteer photographer at my dear Sok's birthday tonight so hopefully I'll be able to present some lovely snapshots tomorrow or the day after!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. oh wow had no idea myer were stocking lipsy dresses now~ i thought only forever new had them ^^

  2. Very nice! :D don't worry man, you're not the only one who splurged on a dress that's over $100 this weekend! hehehehe :P sometimes you just gotta do it if you love it! I bought some shoes too.......oh my! XD lalalala