18 September 2011

Julie's 21st !

How was everyone's weekend?

I seriously didn't do much but I was hell busy and dead tired. I had my mother's birthday on Thursday night where she only wanted to simply go out and eat at KFC as a family haha she's so adorable!
What was more epic was when my brother uploaded a picture of my mum on facebook wishing her a happy birthday, pic below.

LOL happy birthday to my mum!

Friday night, we got to celebrate Julie's 21st birthday! It was a masquerade themed...although not everyone got into the spirit with their masks but it overall turned out into a fun and amazing night!

Birthday girl & cake
Boys and their aegyo.
I volunteered to be the main photographer to capture her special event. I've done it for majority of that group of girls and I have received a great deal of response, so I'm happy to do it for them! I don't prize myself as a "professional" but more like I just enjoy taking photos of people. I'm not arrogant is what I'm trying to say.
What I wore to Julie's

But anyways, onto the short weekend cap. On Saturday night my brother decided to have a small BBQ. We only gathered with my brother, his wife Polly me, Bach, Henry and Bao. So we just had a small amount of sausages and lamb, then the boys decided that they wanted more food and wanted to play soccer LOL so they were just literally trying to get drunk and play soccer. I joined in on the game...I still had my skills but man, has my fitness level dramatically gone down. I should get back into running. Interesting fact, I used to do cross-country, play inter-school sports and was like an MVP soccer player for the girls! XD Yes, back in my high school days. Now I'm a fat blob.

And lastly, today I spent some time catching up with my dear cousin Ravy. Whom you will see in the birthday pictures I'm about to post. Enjoy!
Sophy, me and Reks
Julie & Sambat
The beautiful birthday girl, Julie & me
Sheryl & Ravy; sexyback
Julie with the boys
Sheryl, Tina and Linda
My gorgeous cousin, Ravy & me
Reks & Sophy
Sheryl, Julie and Ravy

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