22 September 2011

Drama Addict: 보스를 지켜라 [Protect the Boss]

This drama stars Ji Seong, Choi Kang Hee, Hero Jaejoong and Wang Ji Hye as the main leads.

Where to begin with this, I've only watched about five episodes so far. It's not too bad where the story is heading to but I have to admit that the drama is a little hard to get into at first because they decided to explain No Eun Seol's background. Not to mention that Cha Ji Heon's character is a bit off putting in comparison to the gorgeous Kim Jaejoong.

This drama is basically about No Eun Seol, a women who used to be a delinquent back in high school and later on worked really hard to graduate university. She is trying to search for a secretary position and wants to be recruited into a large company but finds it difficult because she lacks a prestigious education in comparison to other candidates. After her perseverance and high spirits she gets recruited by Cha Mu Won of DN Group and basically has to baby sit Cho Ji Heon and help him to succeed as a business man to make him the successor.

That's all I really have about it in a nutshell of what it's about, whereas if I were to elaborate on the characters, Cha Mu Won, played by Jaejoong, would have to currently be my favorite. He plays the antagonist cousin and rival of Cha Ji Heon who also is competing to become the successor of the DN Group. He is intelligent, charming and quite driven by success and Ji Heon's mistakes. But of course, behind every great man is a great woman, his mother who is also the perpetrator in wanting to seek some kind of revenge.

He's still a cutie!
Well, if you do end up watching it please do enjoy!

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