8 September 2011

Drama Addict: 49일

The drama that has currently got me in and over my head is a Korean drama called "49 Days".

This is the first kdrama that I've watched without even knowing the cast, I seem to have a favouritism when it's a hot male lead or an actress I like. I have yet to finish it, I'm only halfway but it's so good! Usually with any kind of Kdrama I am able to predict the plot...just because they are so predictable. Seriously, how are they not? Plus, these actors know how to act. 

(Left to right: Seo Ji Hye, Jung Il Woo, Lee Yo Won, Jo Hyun Bae, Nam Gyu Ri & Bae Soo Jin)

This drama sits with the fantasy and romance comedy category. I'll keep it brief, Shin Ji Hyun suddenly becomes brain dead due to a car accident where she meets a Scheduler (like a Grim Reaper or Death) who informs her that it was not her time to die. Therefore she has two choices; she could either accept the fact that she has passed on and descend towards heaven or simply capture three pure tears off three different people who love her within 49 days. Ji Hyun chooses option two and therefore has to borrow the body of Song Yi Kyung to complete her quest, but she is to remain as Yi Kyung and revealing that she is Ji Hyun is forbidden making the quest to collect tears quite difficult.

That's what's supposed to happen in a nutshell, and probably you can get what's going to happen...but really this drama always has a twist that keeps you drawn in. Well, I'm gonna go watch some more of this drama and I shall let you know how I like it in the end! I just felt like blogging about it =P

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  1. Woww~ I like this plot~ must watch when I'm free~~