27 September 2011

I'm poor from online shopping.

Hey guys! How is everyone and how was everyone's weekend?
I had a nice relaxing weekend but...as usual the weekend is always too short and sadly I caught someone's cold and am at home resting. I thought I should blog since I have nothing better to do since I can't sleep and laze around like my fat blob boyfriend! Don't get me wrong, I still love him to bits =P

Me and the boyfriend
I actually spent quite a bit of money this weekend too >~< big hole in my pocket!! I purchased my flight tickets to Sydney for the Kpop Music Fest along with Sophy's, a Nikon S9100 Digital Camera and my lovely boyfriend spoilt me with a CECIL McBEE handbag!
ITEM: モノグラムロゴパターンBAG 
PRICE: 6,195円

22 September 2011

19 September 2011


I know I already just posted a few hours ago but I was browsing through the internet and wanted to have a peek through CECIL McBEE.


18 September 2011

Julie's 21st !

How was everyone's weekend?

I seriously didn't do much but I was hell busy and dead tired. I had my mother's birthday on Thursday night where she only wanted to simply go out and eat at KFC as a family haha she's so adorable!
What was more epic was when my brother uploaded a picture of my mum on facebook wishing her a happy birthday, pic below.

LOL happy birthday to my mum!

14 September 2011

What I hate the most.

I’m sure it’s happened to you, well majority of the Asian people that I know have been through this and it shits you up the wall.

“Being compared to your friend or family friend member.”

Don’t you just hate that? Especially when you know you guys are on completely different levels. It stresses you out more because you know that person to a personal degree whereas your parents only know them exponentially, word of mouth sort of thing.

“Why can’t you do this? He/She can do it and you’re the same age”

“He/She achieved this award, why didn’t you get it too?”

13 September 2011

A small piece of Melbourne

Hey everyone!

I felt like blogging again because I'm on my iPad and I found some pictures I had taken while I took a day off work, last Monday I think. I followed Bach up to The University of Melbourne...yes, my boyfriend goes there...I don't exactly know how or why either because he is such a nutcase .__."

My first shot with the Tokina lens

12 September 2011

Re-living my ulzzang days

Us with the birthday girl!
In my previous post I mentioned that I had Sok's 21st to attend. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos, there were already professional photographers hired as well as a few other people who brought their DSLR so...I just couldn't have been bothered, plus my flash ran out of batteries :( Well, I did take photos...but of myself and with my boyfriend LOL I know, a bit sad but taking selca's pretty much made me realise how much I missed my ulzzang-wannabe days!

10 September 2011

La Weekend Post!

So, what has everyone been up to? I haven't been up to much despite being quite busy, and watching dramas. Seems like the only time I can relax!

Today Bach, my awesomest boyfriend, took me shopping to Southland! I was on the lookout for two dresses since I have Sok's 21st birthday at Springvale International Reception and Julie Au's 21st, which is at another function hall. So both would need to be a formal/cocktail dress style.

8 September 2011

Drama Addict: 49일

The drama that has currently got me in and over my head is a Korean drama called "49 Days".

This is the first kdrama that I've watched without even knowing the cast, I seem to have a favouritism when it's a hot male lead or an actress I like. I have yet to finish it, I'm only halfway but it's so good! Usually with any kind of Kdrama I am able to predict the plot...just because they are so predictable. Seriously, how are they not? Plus, these actors know how to act. 

7 September 2011

여러분! 어서세요 !

So, I've decided to join back up with Blogspot/Blogger since all my friend's are on here and things seem a lot easier to keep track of in comparison to Blog.com!

I'll have this place cleaned up, spick and span with a gorgeous layout...once I've figured out what I want XD in the meantime, you can read about my world and see it through my photography!

Till then, have a B E AUTIFUL day <3